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  1. doll_xx

    venners phuket

    just wondering if anyone has had veneers done in phuket?
  2. Has anyone had surgery with Dr Tang and would like to share their progress with me? Would love to get some reasurance.
  3. I am in the same position as you ladies. I have a consult booked with Dr Tang and am borderline lift. Would love to follow your progresses.
  4. I've sent you ladies a FR to follow your progress, hope you don't mind
  5. I am in the same position as you ladies. I have seen a few really good results from people who were borderline. Just have to keep in mind that down the track a lift will be needed. I am looking at booking in at tci early next year.
  6. This is so helpful to read. I am in the same position and am so unsure, as to what to do. I am leaning towards just a BA.
  7. Hi ladies, so I have been told by my PS that i am border line for a lift. I am really unsure and scared to have a lift. I am only 25, and really don't want to have that scarring and would like to have children soon. I am currently a 10c with asymmetric low set breasts. Any advice would be great.
  8. I have sent you a friend request, as I would love to follow your journey. As I am thinking of going to TBC
  9. This is so good to hear. Because I have been tossing up between him and a few other surgeons. It's such a hard decision.
  10. Oh thank you so much. Friend request sent.
  11. Has anyone seen/heard any reviews or been to the Brest clinic Sydney?
  12. Cj27 would love to follow your journey. I'm thinking of booking in with dr jib for BL & BA
  13. Hi Adriana, my left is also alot smaller than my right. Look forward to hearing how you go! good luck x
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