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    BA over the muscle 350 or 375cc round high profile
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    Dr Ellis Choy 27/06/2016
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    167 , 62kg , 12B

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  1. @Excited33 Sorry it took me so long to respond , I've been overseas - yes I was borderline lift but only went with implants I'm wrapped with my results and I'm glad dr Choy went over all my options and was upfront on the pros and cons ! I figured I didn't have a supermodel body and didn't want supermodel boobs I just wanted more then I had , mine look natural and most people wouldn't know that I've had them done and that exactly what I got , and in 5-10 years time if I really want a lift I can but for now I'm happy just having enough boob to fill a top ??
  2. I have overs , I had 350cc and 375cc round high profile overs done back in June and love them - I wanted a fuller natural look as I was deflated from breast feeding two girls and couldn't fill out a pair of swimmers 4 months on I love how they turned out and am so glad I went with Dr Choys advice.
  3. Dr Choy is fantastic, how exciting!! I found he always covered everything leaving me with no questions , your in great hands with dr Choy keep us updated on your progress ?
  4. @fitmum87 i was the same I didn't want that enhanced look I wanted to keep it fairly natural looking and I think my surgeon hit the nail on the head with placement & size I'm only 2.5 months post op and they feel as if I've had them all my life.
  5. @MyTurnNow i didn't go through cosmedi tour , but I was a borderline lift case I choose not to have the lift at this stage I too had breast fed 2 children and was a barely b cup and asymmetrical before my BA I'm now a DD I still have a tad of asymmetry but not to the extent I had before. i know in the future I will probably need a lift I just wasn't ready for the extra scarring and recovery time just yet , I'm extremely happy with my choice and feel so much more in proportion. I had 350cc and 375cc round high profile overs I have a heap of before and after photos in my gallery so feel free to check them out.
  6. @fitmum87 i was also a borderline case , I choose not to have a lift at this stage and am extremely happy with my results so far, I inow 5-10 years down the track I'll probably need the lift but for now I'm just thrilled to be in proportion. i started off a deflated asymmetrical barely b cup and went 350 and 375cc round high profile overs and am now a nice DD I have a whole heap of before & after pics in my gallery feel free to FR me and have a look.
  7. Hi @Shygirl79 i personally love the push up bras at Honey Birdette, they are pricey but definitely super comfy and pretty (they tend to do a lot in the larger sizes too) but I agree with above what one person feels comfortable in or flattering in isn't necessarily the same for the next person
  8. @Suziet your so right customers often will post when they are dissatisfied rather then when they are not, I too work in customer service and see that all the time.
  9. Hi @Pheonix im 8 weeks post op with Dr Ellis Choy and love my results , he and his team where fantastic and extremely supportive throughout my journey. i was a borderline lift case and Dr Choy went though all my options and found out exactly what I was after look wise and we worked towards getting that result - in all honesty he probably did a better job then what I was expecting , I'd definitely recommend having a consult with him , he is very easy to talk to too and is very honest in what he can achieve. your more then welcome to friend request me if you have any specific questions I'm happy to help (I also have tons of before after progress shots in my gallery) also check out @ash92 profile she also went through Dr Choy , and had amazing results. good luck in your BA journey it's such an exciting time .
  10. Hi @kelly1992 I had my BA with Dr Ellis Choy in Sydney and have over the muscle, I'm extremely happy with my results considering I was a borderline lift case & would definitely recommend him for a consultantation. Feel free to friend request me and see my before and after progress shots. Good luck in your journey with whoever you choose ?
  11. I paid in full upfront, it was a timing thing for me, I'd been looking into for years and had just been made redundant after 8.5 years of service so figured you know what I'm going to spend that money on ME.
  12. Ohh no @Shygirl79 I hope your ok
  13. I hope everyone's recovery is going well, I'm just hitting 6 weeks post op & absolutely loving my results so far - I'm so excited for summer when I can start wearing some more boob flattering tops ? Heres some updated pics of my progress so far !
  14. I go back to see my surgeon on Monday so will double check then about massaging and she what he says then.
  15. Just wondering if this is normal , I'm 5 weeks post op and my sternum is still quite raised/swollen it's still a little tender but not painful or anything like that but I would have thought by now that all the swelling would be gone.
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