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  1. depends if you are getting extensive work/what you are getting done. for me it wasn't worth it because: 1. waiting period of 12 months 2. cost (between 1-2k) 3. amount i would have got back would probably have been the same as the cost. so for my nose, nope. for me getting breast aug - yes
  2. So I used this forum for researching my Rhino and I feel bad for not giving back. I first had a consult with Dr. Pincock ENT who probably has the most positive feedback here on the forum (by people who have gone to him and people that have absorbed the knowledge that he is the 'go to' guy in sydney). Dr Pincock is a complete professional through and through and if you have the money and want a lot of intricate changes I do suggest to have a consult with him. He has the newer photo morphing software and is very detailed in his explanation. Unfortunately for me I felt as though the consult had gone indepth, aiming to make my nostrils symmetrical and other things I hadn't of noticed or bothered me about my nose. I just wanted my bridge shaven to a tiny slope and the droop tip of my nose shaved back. I can't remember what his consult fee was but for surgeons fees I was quoted $12,000 for 3 hours of work using the open method of rhinoplasty. So I heard through a friend of a friend that Dr. Alan Evans ENT in Sutherland was good. I called up and booked a consult after a glowing review from the individual. At the consult Dr Evans came off as experienced and a great listener. He could address my 2 problems and even though his imaging wasn't as advanced as Dr. Pincocks I really felt as though I was in safe hands. his consult was a little cheaper than pincocks and surgeon fee was $4500 for 2 hours with the closed technique. I know the closed technique is a 'no go' for some people but it's a technique he has used for decades. I booked my surgery at the first consult - i got my anesthetist (who was amazingly attentive and kind) through him & had the surgery at Sutherland private as day surgery. Everyone at the hospital was great. I had a cast with no splints or padding - no pain & about 10 days before I got the cast off (better to have those extra 2 days). After everything with medicare it cost me $8k. I had no private insurance. my nose has a cute little slope, i have no droopy tip & people i know either 1) dont notice or 2) compliment it. It's definitely on the natural side & i'm super happy. I've tried to cover everything I can think of (got my surgery on halloween haha), but if you have questions please ask.
  3. Booked in for a consult this month, has anyone else or a friend had a consult or rhino with him?
  4. Hello all, i'm trying to gather as much information and have as many consults with the right people as possible! I am trying to estimate how much money i'll need saved (I do not have private health insurance) to start saving and getting on track! I realise this is a very serious financial commitment and do not want to skimp, however I would like a ballpark range to help inform me. If anyone could either post or PM privately this to me it would make me a very happy & well informed girl! Surgeon: Time taken in surgery: Surgeon's fee: Anesthetist fee: Hospital location/fee: and also any other details you feel might be helpful to me, i'm so excited <3
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