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  1. Hey girls, how is everyones recovering process going? Would love to hear how you're all going for the ones that have had their surgery. I'm just over 2 weeks post op, still a bit sore but getting there. I have avoided doing any major housework as I don't want to overwork my pec muscles x
  2. Hi! I've just had some BA done with Dr Mansoor Mirkazemi. He was amazing and highly recommend @AshCam
  3. Hey @amelia how are you going?? Keen to know how you're feeling after your op. x
  4. @amelia hey girl, how did your op go? How are you recovering?? thanks @Jabba_01 glad that you're experiencing similar things when do you think the swelling will go down? Did you get under or over the muscle?? I went under the muscle so in a fair bit of pain still..
  5. hey girls, i'm back at home now. I didn't get discharged till later in the afternoon yesterday. I actually fainted and passed out after the surgery when i was told i could leave. I ended up falling over in the car park and hitting my head. I'm okay now but just a warning to everyone to make sure that they eat and drink after the surgery even if you you feel sick. I passed out cos i couldn't eat and drink anything due to feeling a bit sick. I'm all good now, just resting up in bed. The pain a worse on the left boob than the right boob, does anyone know if this is normal? @Jabba_01 @S
  6. thank you! will let you know how I go @Sarahwantsboobies2017 xx
  7. @SarryGraceHey, yes my surgery is tomorrow morning! I'm so nervous! I've taken the day off work today to mentally prepare myself. Is anyone else taking the day off before their surgery?? All the best @Jabba_01 hope it all goes amazingly well. Sending you lots of good vibes and rapid recovery. Jump on here and let us know how you're going after the op Mines tomorrow, super nervous!
  8. @Hoolahann hey girl! Your boobies are already looking good. Can I ask if you went under the muscle or over, and did you get moderate plus or high profile? xx
  9. Hey @Jabba_01 what are your stats? I'm looking at 350cc and worried it willl be a bit too big so keen to know your stats to see if we're the same. x @thecuriousoneHey! how did your surgery go and how are you feeling so far?? Hope your recovering is going well
  10. Hey @amelia that's awesome that you're booked in. Do you have some sizing ideas in mind?? I think it's totally normal for you to feel a bit anxious. I've actually not been thinking too much about it as I've been so busy with work April is just around the corner!! Whoop @SarryGrace Hey, that's awesome news that you're booked in. I've great things about Dr Greensmith. How much time are you taking off work?? Hi @Jabba_01 I'm booked for 13th April!! So close to yours. What surgeon are you going with?? I think 375cc isn't too big so I think you should be fine. Are
  11. @Jefabel Hey girl! That's great! I'm really excited but also extremely nervous. What CC are you getting? xx
  12. Hi Girls, Just posting to see if there are any other girls booked for their BA op in April/May? I've booked in my op for 13th April with Dr Mansoor. Shout out if you're booked in for April/May! x
  13. I think they look great! And you're only 1 week post op and already looking good. What size did you end up going??
  14. Im booked in with Dr Mansoor for op in April. I went to one other surgeon for a consult and Dr Mansoor came out on top in ever way. He was so professional and thorough and spent enough time in the consult with me answering all my many questions. I feel so comfortable with him already. All the best for your consults
  15. Okies, that's good! At ARC plastic surgery the surgeon didnt give me the opportunity to try on the sizes, he only showed me the 3D image of what my body would look like with them. Is this normal?? I wish I could have tired some implant sizing on. The surgery clinic mentioned that you lock in the implant size about 2 weeks before the surgery. @Hoolahann
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