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    south australia
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    Abdominoplasty and muscle repair early 2015
    BA not sure on size/type yet.
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    Dr. Julie Lawrence
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    160cms/61kgs and dropping/ pre-pregnancy 12d B/F size 14e currently 10b

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  1. awesome I bet your excited!!! what are they going to do in surgery?? can't wait to see the before and afters... thanks again..
  2. Hey, I was wondering what happened with your bite? are you getting a plate or braces? what type $$$ etc?? I have a killa over bite and need my teeth straightened and whitened aswell as crowning,cavity fixes etc. I had a quick look and it looked like $40,000 plus on a google search....Nearly floored me. Let me know how you go. I am seriously considering going overseas.... what do you do for insurance when you get something like that done overseas?
  3. Hey I'm just wondering who here has had big implants and or a lift in Australia and what it cost. Also interested in what it cost overseas..Can you be covered medically overseas?? personal experience.. who you recommend and who to stay clear of!! I want 500cc plus so interested in hearing from ladies who have big implants.. Can I get big ones straight away or do I have to do it in stages?? I have pics of my boobs before on my profile. Thanks
  4. Thanks heaps it does help I would prefer saline for safety if it does bust. and saline seems to be what I like or maybe its just because silicone doesn't go that big lol. sending youfr
  5. looking at something like this. I want saline at this stage but might change my mind and advice would be good
  6. Hi all Im looking to get bl/ba and wondering if anyone here has or knows of where will do 700+ cc's ? From the pictures Ive been looking at Im after 650-850 And just curious at what is available here. Im in SA but will travel anywhere. TIA
  7. can I fr you? Im 160cms 60kgs looking to go big preferably e'f or maybe g's lol
  8. hi , Im in SA and on the waiting list with Julie lawerence , Ive been thinking about changing dc's . can I add you and see how you go?
  9. I think you should go bigger. maybe just a cup size?
  10. lol They are huge atm, (breastfeeding) when im not I have very empty sacks lol. 10b before I got pregnant. can I add you?
  11. Hey I am wanting to get big boobs Im thinking e-f's and want to know if anyone here has them that big Im 160cms and 60kilos at normal weight. have a curvy bottom so I think I can get away with bigger boobs. also looking to get a lift as breastfeeding 4 babies has taken it out of them . Thanks
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