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  1. Hi dgkelly, I went with Dr suchart at Bangkok hospital Bangkok. I had similar areas as what you want as well as entire abdomen. Including flights, accommodation etc it still worked out to be about to be $5000 cheaper than Australia. That doesn't mean the quality of care is reduced. you can read my thread for more specific info if my journey
  2. Hi there, I had lipo over 5 Weeks ago and I've noticed an improvement of the cellulite I had on my outer thighs, but no where else. Having said that they were just pockets of fat & not a weight Loss strategy
  3. Bromelain is anti inflammatory so that will help with swelling, however it is not a homeopathic remedy, it is nutritional. Whereas arnica is homeopathic. So combining the two will cover both bases
  4. Good luck hun I had mine done in 97'and it was a life changing surgery. you won't regret it xx
  5. Arnica assists with bruising & healing time (very much dependent on dose and potency) however it doesn't reduce swelling
  6. I had lipo 2 Weeks ago and one of the areas that was painful was my lower back... I mixed 3 drops mother tincture of hypericum into my arnica cream and that helped the pain allot! Also, doesn't matter what OP you are getting, calendar 30c will help massively post OP. I hope this helps for those of you interested. My recovery has been really positive and rather speedy. At day 10 or 11 post OP I felt pretty much back to normal
  7. Good for you I too know the feeling of disappointment after rhino, its a massive let down. I'm so happy for you that you finally got the results you initially wanted. Thank you for sharing
  8. Is it Dr Preeyaphas? if so, I'm pretty sure Mousey77 had a few procedures with him including lipo I could be wrong but check earlier comments on this thread
  9. Have you tried posting on this forum to see if anyone has had anything other than BA with him? Apologies if you already have Thanks for the feedback I'm feeling good and knowing that I'm still slightly swollen makes me feel better
  10. For those who are interested I have put up a before and after pic It's day 13 and I feel back to normal (except wearing a garment!). I did some more pilates this morning and was able to go back to doing some more difficult moves and they didnt hurt or feel like they were pulling. I haven't yet tried to do stretches, which I'm just dying to get back into!! I'm still only sligthly swollen of my lower abs, privates, thighs and knees (i guess its gravity). My inscisions are barely noticeable and the few bruises I have are almost gone. Today has been the first day I have not taken any anti-inflammatories or panadol, as I only feel a bruised sensation when I press on certain areas. Overall, I feel good but will feel better when I can start to exercise properly again
  11. Hi 5star, its been 12days now and Im feeling great. You can check out my thread in the lipo section"bangkok lipo experience'. I hope this helps feel free to PM me if you have any questions
  12. Hmmm do people advertise on these forums?! Lol Thanks ab1990, when I get to my computer I might download some pics (if I can figure it out and set them to private). I've been using my phone hence the bad spelling Lol. The last day or two I have very minimal pain only when I move in certain ways. I am not taking any painkillers, just an anti inflammatory in the morning. The swelling has also decreased a bit which I notice most in my lower back. I can't help myself but I have done a little bit of exercise yesterday no cardio but just pilates and all was good I felt no pain and felt so much better afterwards
  13. Wow sydneymum, its great reading about your recovery. Your a lucky lady to have a husband who looks after you like that! All the best with your healing
  14. I saved for this surgery however previously I have taken out a personal loan
  15. Jane I don't know you from a bar of soap and my comments are far from a personal attack. If you read posts of this thread again you will clearly see that. On several threads whereby people are about to have surgery overseas you have made comments in one way or another against it. Although I have never insinuated you need to conform your opinion to meet mine or others. there have also been posts people have asked you to be (amongst other things) more considerate with what you write at a time we are already apprehensive about having surgery. I don't think anyone is doubting what you have been saying about the importance of research and the dodgy business of db. I'm sorry if you feel that I you were being treated like a child however I urge you to re read my posts as you will see it is far from case.I also urge you to read through past comments you have posted on other threads and empathize with how to those who are have done their research and are about to have surgery overseas may feel by some of your comments. Just a bit of respect and consideration, regardless of what industry you are working in :)all the best with your healing xx
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