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  1. Thanks @Muffin87 I will be 7 days on the day I'm looking to fly but only going domestic and to chill with my parents no crazy holiday'ing so hoped that would be OK and plan to travel super light so as to not over exert myself lifting luggage etc I just keep finding info that said two weeks.
  2. Thanks @tilly17 I'm all done and today is day 3 and couldn't be happier!!! ? Hope everyone else is recovering well and loving their new boobs! while I'm here... Does anyone know a rough rule of thumb in regards to flying? How soon is it allowed?
  3. I just had my initial consult with Dr Lee (Perth) am booked in for August 12th and am so excited!
  4. Thanku to everyone so far it's such a big decision and I really want to be sure I'm choosing wisely ?
  5. Trying to narrow down my search to organise a couple of initial consults for BA in Perth - Mark Lee seems to be one with the most consistently glowing reports so far, would love to hear from you with any other suggestions or comments regarding ur experience with Mark ? Thanku ladies....
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