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  1. My results with Tony so far have been fantastic. There was another member message me who wasn't as happy but I can only go on my own personal experiences which have been great! I'd definitely go back for revision with him if I ever felt I wanted bigger. I have been doing things in the gym but see no point in going back to Crossfit yet as I can't do hardly any of the movements yet so I just got a 6 month membership at anytime fitness so I can basically treat my upper body like it's being rehabbed by doing light cable and freeweights work. I have been doing incline walking, stationary bike, travelling lunges. Squats. Small height step ups for cardio. I'm still yet to try running as I still feel worried when I do movements that make them jiggle lol even if I'm double bra'd. I'm probably just going to hold off on much more than that till I see my PS again which will be at 9 weeks. Have you been doing any training @Mumof2girls I'm so scared to get back into bar work at Crossfit 😳
  2. Yes I hear ya about being scared about doing damage!! It freaks me out!! I've been doing squats and lunges and I'm fine with those. They don't worry me at all now. Just not anywhere near the weights I used too until I get the all clear from my PS. It's more just the upper body exercises that freak me out! Especially back and shoulders. I'm fine with biceps and some triceps. Also core/Ab work I'm to scared of as well as it feels like it pulls to much so I'm leaving those along for a while too. Definately nice to get out for a walk though and put in some travelling lunges and squats along the way though😊 Puts you in a good frame of mind.
  3. How have you been going @Jackattack? They still look bloody good even if you feel like something isn't right. Just take it easy when you can. How is is everyone else going? I'm 5 weeks PO today. I'm allowed to do running (double bra'd) and pump classes minus the chest exercises now. I must admit I haven't been game to run yet so most my cardio has been on the bike or incline walking on a treadmill. Did some very light higher rep weights yesterday. Mostly isolations of biceps and triceps. Not sure how game I feel doing more compound moves like Lat pull down, rows or anything much else. I feel fine though today, although it still feels horrible if I accidentally flex my pecs 😝
  4. Tony was Brilliant!! Go with his recommendation for size!! I've learnt that from experience. I was thinking from looking at pictures that I liked 415cc he took my measurements and recommend 485cc which I was a bit freaked they'd be huge!! Nope perfect for my frame😊 I also went rounds based on his recommendation as I'm a Crossfiter and gym junkie and we didn't want the risk or worry of rotation. But they look so natural. I'll attach some pic's. About a week PO About 2 weeks. Still quite high. 24 days PO
  5. How long do all you ladies have to wear your surgical bras for? I'm night and day for 6 weeks. Then I can wear wire free from 8weeks forward then Another 4 weeks on I can introduce underwire bras. What about at night though? What are you ladies wearing at night?
  6. Ooooh love!!! They look so good! Where did you get those??
  7. Anyone have any experience with Mondors Cord? I think I might have it on both sides😢 Sore and ugly! I'm 4 weeks post op. Hoping it's nothing to worry about!! Would love to hear of any personal experience with it.
  8. Hi @Marchie glad you like them. I'm very happy with them. I was very set on having a very natural look. My surgeon was very fussy about getting the "gap" distance right. He's a perfectionist! I was a deflated C cup after breastfeeding 3 kids. I ended up with a 450 & 485 due to asymmetrical chest and round high profile. I couldn't risk teardrops with how active I am with the gym and crossfit. I've attached a few pics for you including my before photos.
  9. Firstly @Jackattack they are looking fantastic!!! I was 3 weeks PO yesterday and I feel the same Tuesday was really bad day for me. My left boob felt like it was pulling constantly and I was thinking to myself am I ever going to not feel them there because at the moment I feel them with everything I do! I still don't sleep well either and my right side constantly swells round the nipple. I'm still numb underneath and have the sunburnt feeling constantly!! I hate my surgical bra too. I'm massaging 3x a day and they are softening and I think that's another reason why I'm feeling them a lot more. My scars have lots of lumps and bumps under them as well. But! For every bad day I have I take easy and the next day is generally better. I also look at what I'm doing now compared to a few weeks back! I'm fine dressing myself, driving, doing small shops etc soooo I have still come along way. I think we are just naturally too impatient and we need to just relax and accept that it's a slow process and come summertime we'll be loving them😉😀
  10. Oh must go and check cotton on out!! That look super hot @ms.bolton !! Couldnt resist going into bras n things the other day. They had some super cute playboy sets! And some nice sale things too. I know I should wait a bit but just couldn't help myself. I measured a 12E hoping I don't drop back size😕 Even though I said I'd be happy a DD lol
  11. Wow they look fantastic!! Everyone's look so good!! Great to see everyone has ended up with great results!!
  12. I thought I already replied to this thread but i can't seem to see it! I just put the top on to try it, otherwise I'm 24/7 in a surgical bra till 6 weeks. It was a size 12 just from Big W lol didn't have cup sizes though as it ms a pretty soft stretchy fabric so I don't think it matters. @peachess my friend at Glamour Girlz did my hair for me on Saturday. She's on Insta and FB😊
  13. Tony Connell was my surgeon and he was amazing! I think he's probably up around the 12-15k mark depending on what you have and if you eligible for Medicare rebates. But worth every penny.
  14. Thanks @peachess glamour Girlz did it for me the other day, she's amazing! She's on Insta and FB. @jstev7 I just tried them on for 5 mins but otherwise I'm 24/7 in my surgical bra till 6 weeks😒 That particular crop doesn't have a cup size because it's so stretchy so it's just a 12. But it fits great and I think I'm going to be about DD or E
  15. I was told to start massaging when the tapes come off (@2wks Po) I don't think I could yet though, they are still really tender!! How are all of you ladies boobs feeling tender and soreness wise?? Mine are still tender and numb😔. I am 10 days PO now. On a positive note I got some cute little bonds crops😊 And I'm still very happy with how they are looking although my right side is a little more swollen today.
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