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  1. I'm 6 weeks on Friday and feel amazing. I have been exercising a lot but mainly walking (hills) and lunge-walking haha for the past two weeks and my swelling is down to near perfect I think. Incisions are good getting better using strata-derm gel on them? What is everyone else using?
  2. No but I did see the brochures there - it's through zip money?
  3. I recommend Dr Broadhurst at Enhance Plastic Surgery, I'm 4 weeks post op (610cc mentors, anatomical dual-plane) and I'm in love with the results already! Surgery was a breeze and every one of his staff are amazing!!
  4. Hi! I'm not the same stats (165cm but 64kg very athletic)- and had 425cc FH FP teardrop in 10 years ago and was always a DD Size with that but then had two kids since then but just upgraded to 610ccs FH FP Teardrop and still wish I went bigger haha- so I say go for it! I'm only 3 weeks post op!
  5. Good luck @mes fous
  6. 12 days post op/ here's a little before and after wearing a workout top. Revision after 10 years and 2 babies had 425cc anatomical under muscle replaced with 610ccs anatomical under muscle, FH, FP with Dr Broadhurst in Brisbane. over the moon so far! I was driving about 4 days post op, very carefully with an auto car. I wasn't on any painkillers by then.
  7. I'm 165cm 62kg and just got 610ccs as a revision after having 425ccs HP teardrops 10 years ago and 2 babies later - SO I think HP for you would be great as your stats are similar to mine!
  8. Ahhhh thanks for the tip! I will try this!!!
  9. Hi ladies ? I had BA on 1 July and have tape on my incision (under crease incision), and my tape is due to be removed end of this week - so I'm nearly 2 weeks post BA. once my tape comes off I can start using my strataderm cream for my scars, BUT would you suggest covering scars with bandaids prior to get a spray tan? I don't want that substances getting into scars while they are fresh. But I really want (NEED) a tan lol
  10. I agree with all the comments - I have bwd of 13.5 cm first BA in 2006 had 425cc under muscle teardrop and just had revision surgery now after 10 years and 2 kids; and comfortably fit 610ccs in im 165cm and 62kg and quite athletic and lean and they look amazing! Go for the bigger size!
  11. I had surgery Friday 1 July was off all strong medication by Sunday. I only took Panadol after Sunday but I think Monday was my last day of needing that!
  12. That swelling is normal! Like under armpits everywhere - but they look great even in the surgical bra! Haha ?
  13. @Brinkley just accepted your friend request - yeah surgery done on 1 July! Healing nicely!! I had revision but just remove and replace with bigger implants! So all in all not too bad for me. Day 7 post op! Still so much swelling through the middle and of course D&F!
  14. I just wore leggings and a zip up hoodie. The nurses will help you put your jacket back on after which I just wore on top of my compression bra they had me wearing, but I could have easily done that myself as I had full movement of my arms! I just added some more pics to my album. I'm at day 6 and finally feel I have turned a corner in recovery as in they are looking so much better each day!! Had the tape taken off my incisions today and just replaced with some very light clear-type tape which will need to stay on for another 7 days.
  15. You'll be fine - I had a terrible sleep the night before! Good luck!!
  16. I was a 12D before baby #1 but while breastfeeding was definitely in the E cup range but I definitely think it was from weightlifting / training and my body composition changing, losing quite a lot of body fat. Between babies I was still a very large C / D, just a bit less cleavage factor. After baby number 2 and further training through my pregnancy and breastfeeding that's where I lost all natural breast tissue. But, as you can see, there wasn't really anything 'wrong' with my breasts after two babies (with my implants) I just wanted more volume again as I remember how big my boobs used to be haha ?
  17. Hi ladies. I had breast augmentation in 2006, I was 165cm, approx 63kg and had 425cc under the muscle tear drop and had lots of cleavage and was super happy with my results! Fast forward 10 years, two kids later (first baby in 2010, 4 years after surgery, my second baby born in 2013) I breastfed both babies successfully for 12 months each with no problems. I got heavily into weightlifting and exercise combined with breastfeeding lost all my natural breast tissue but I have attached before babies (first augmentation) to after babies pic for you. I am now 5 days post-op with my revision BA which I got 610cc teardrop shaped and they are healing well! I have a private album with my progress pics so far of that surgery, if you'd like to friend request me. I hope this helps!!
  18. Well for some reason I can't sleep tonight (not from pain or anything just a super restless head!) so I decided to create a private album with progress pics so far. I've kept the album private but feel free to friend request me so you ladies can see. I am happy with my results so far with Thursday this week (today) being day 6, lots of bruising still and seeing my surgeon today for a one week progress appointment!
  19. I found day two the worst and from then on I haven't had any pain medication at all! I am excited also- the swelling is going down and I am getting some awesome shape happening!!
  20. Yes the worst!!!
  21. So I'm 4 days post op now and wondering for how many nights you intend to / or are supposed to sleep with your upper body propped up! Just getting a little sick and tired of the one position and am dying to lay just flat on a pillow!!!
  22. UPDATE: He's been such a sweetheart and I'm only at 3 days post op and he sent me a cute message saying ????? "they are a great size! I didn't think you could get any more beautiful" nawww how sweet!!
  23. Today I'm feeling great! Still tender and swollen but overall I know I'm recovering - so much bruising through the middle of my chest, I want to upload progress pics to my album just not sure how to do that privately I'll have to have a look into it!
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