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    Breast Augmentation - Nagor Impleo Moderate Round Textured Implant 330cc (Inframammary Incision)
    Brisbane Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery
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    Dr Richardson - 4th July 2016
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    56kg 172cm BWD 12cm / 8-10B

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  1. 2 weeks post op today and have noticed a drastic change in the last 2-3 days. I have this new feeling in my ab muscles up the top about 5cm down from my incision and it feels like tearing, when i get up too quickly or stretch to reach and get something, so still trying to take things slowly. I know all these new feelings are just nerves being created but its just strange and takes a bit of getting used to.
  2. Hey ladies! I am now 1 week post op and feeling great! I went in on July 4th with Dr Richardson at Brisbane Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery in the Valley and cannot speak highly enough of every part of the process from my consultation through to the day of my op and still the ongoing support the nurses and Dr Richardson provide. I had been doing a heap of research and seen three surgeons (Dr Dilip Gahankari, Dr Kim Harwood and Dr Phil Richardson) over the years but once I met with Dr Richardson in May, I knew I had found my surgeon. I was tossing between 360cc, 330cc and 300cc Nagor Impleo Moderate Profile placed under the muscle. I had gotten the vectra images done up for all three sizes and ended up choosing on the day of my surgery with Dr Richardson and we made the final decision of 330cc (basically to close the gap that I had, this would be the most appropriate size). My breast width diameter measured at 12cm and the 330cc was exactly 12cm so it was almost 'meant to be'. I am a size 8 in clothes and wear an 8-10B in bras, although I hate wearing bras and prefer to wear the soft triangle t-shirt ones, or nothing at all so I knew that once getting this procedure done a lot would change in that area. I have always had troubles with my back as I was born without a part of my spine just above my tailbone. But I can happily say that this has not effected it what so ever (yet...fingers crossed). I weigh 56kgs and am 172cm tall. I have always wanted larger breasts but nothing too big as I always wanted something in proportion to my frame and wanted to fly under the radar I suppose you'd say rather than having huge boobs and it being so obvious. So like most girls I wanted that 'fake boob look without looking too fake'. On the day of my surgery I got there around 11:30am and was in my gown etc by 12:00pm after filling out some paperwork. My partner drove me in and waited for me whilst the procedure took place, he was and has been the biggest support system for me throughout this entire process and I am so thankful to have him...he was more nervous than me on the actual day it was hilarious haha. So after filling out paperwork and paying for the hospital fee (you have to pay for the anesthetist, hospital and the surgeons fee all separately... a little annoying but it's easily sorted) and getting into my sexy gown, hairnet and socks, my doc came into the room I was waiting in and he drew on me and we decided on my size. I was sweating soo much as I was quite nervous by this point. I then laid down in the bed and had a warm blanket put on me (which was nice and calmed me down a fair bit) and Dr Mosses came in (the anesthetist), she was amazing, and gave me some information on what was going in my drip and if I was allergic to anything. I told her I was a big vomiter as I have the worst stomach for almost everything and that I get motion sickness and she said that she would be putting some extra stuff in my drip to help with the nausea once I woke up. Once I had the needle put in my arm (which I was more scared for than the actual augmentation...weird I know), they wheeled me into the theater room and there were 4 other women in there. A lady said that they were putting something in my drip now and I remember looking at her eyes and everything being blurry and from then on I was out. I vaguely remember at the end of the procedure having the tube being pulled out of my mouth and them asking me to 'open wide' and then a mask (I think) being put on me to help breathe. Then nothing until I was in the recovery room which I remember them asking me for feedback on how I felt and me saying 'just a lot of pressure' but I felt okay. Then asking for my partner and they said that I needed to sleep for an hour before he was able to come in and see me. So I shut my eyes which felt like a blink and then I was being dressed by the nurse and brought out to another room to get a sandwich and a lemonade and my partner came in...boy was I happy to see him. I felt great to be honest, other than the pressure and I was quite loopy. I relaxed there for about 45 minutes and then shuffled to the car and got taken home, the drive wasn't the nicest - I live about 25 mins from the city but there was peak hour traffic and we also had to stop at the chemist to get a script filled for anti-nausea tablets (as the panadine forte had codeine in it and I thought I could have been allergic to that...which I had to find out the hard way), and some endone which was stronger than the panadine forte and I was to take that for the first several days before transitioning to the panadine forte. The endone is strong (for me anyway), and as well as the antibiotics I was given and some other things I have felt drunk and on a cloud for the past 7 days...I cannot wait to go back to being normal and not having to feel nauseous all the time Yesterday was the first time I threw up and that pain was horrendous..I am just so thankful that I wasn't throwing up in the first few days because the pain in my abs and chest had gone down heaps by yesterday so thanking the stars that it was only yesterday and it wasn't as bad as it would have been if I was throwing up in the first 3-4 days or so. I went in on Friday to get fitted for my post op bra, they give you a Lorna Jane soft stretchy type bra which doesn't really do much but I am happy that I didn't have to have the compression bra from day one as that would have been way too tight. The compression bra is actually a lot more comfortable than I thought, although it does dig in and sit quite tightly under my armpits which are still really swollen. Other than the nausea and the shoulder and upper back pain of trying to get comfortable throughout the night, I've slept quite well and it has been a way better experience than I thought I was in for. I highly recommend Dr Richardson and his team at Pacific Day Surgery. Everything about this has been amazing and kept my mind at ease. My breasts aren't sitting high at all and they are looking more amazing everyday, I am absolutely over the moon with them! Feel free to PM me if you have any questions as I am posting this to help others out there that may have been in a similar boat to me x
  3. I'm 172cm and 55kgs and am booked in for 2 weeks time. I am going 300 or 330 moderate under the muscle - but still can't decide between the two options either! I have been able to take some implants home which helped me a lot as the rice I felt was completely different to the actual look of the implant. So many people say to me that I would regret not going bigger and when I try the 300's on I feel they look really good as well and it's not really that much of a difference but am worried they will be too big for my frame. But then with the 330's I still think they look a little bigger but taking into consideration that you lose a little by going under the muscle and the 330cc moderate is exactly my bwd (12cm). I think I am moving more toward the 330cc, but let's be honest my mind changes everyday which makes me feel uneasy haha. I have done wayyy too much research as well, and all of the after pics with moderate plus's look so good, and also know a couple of girls with them, and they're great! Goodluck anyway
  4. Thank you for your reply! You have very similar stats to me so that is a really good indicator for me to go off thanks! How did you go with the bra they put on you after surgery? I have read some forums saying the Lorna Jane bra wasn't supportive enough, and others saying it was perfect as they couldn't imagine having anything any tighter on their chest.
  5. Thank you for responding so quickly, such a big decision and I suck a making my mind up. You said yours are 325cc, so i am assuming you went with Mentor Siltex Round Moderate plus?
  6. Recently had a consultation with Dr Richardson at Brisbane Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery and the implant recommended was a Nagor Impleo. I know some girls who have been through Dr Richardson and from the photos on the website that he has previously used Mentor implants. I am now confused as to which brand to go with as he had suggested the Nagor but I really like the natural look of the Mentor Siltex Moderate Plus profile. The nurse at his office had said that Nagor is what Dr Richardson prefers to use now, and that it has new technology with improved silicone that stays together more and is more of a gel compared to the Mentor which are less viscose(more liquidy), but still unsure on their response... Besides the less rippling with Nagor, he didn't mention any other differences. Does anyone know the difference between the feel of a Mentor Siltex compared to a Nagor Impleo. Whch looks and feels more natural? What has other docs said about Nagor or what have you heard? Good or bad? Is there a price difference in Mentor and Nagor? Has Nagor recently brought out a new implant that is better and thats why is isnt using Mentor anymore? If you have Nagors Moderate I would love to hear from you and your thoughts on your impants. THANK YOU so much everyone for your time and all your responses Just trying to get all my information right so I'm sure I can make the right choice.
  7. Hey ladies! I am booked in for my surgery on the 4th of July and am having trouble picking a size, I am tossing between 300cc and 330cc Moderate Nagor Impleo implants, placed under the muscle. Everything else is basically all decided on apart from the size. I am a size 8, 172cm and a small B size currently, my bwd is 12cm as measured by Dr Richardson (although I had been measured at 10cm and 11.2cm by 2 other doctors, but I ended up deciding to go with Dr Richardson at Brisbane Plastic Surgery), and he had suggested the Nagor Impleo 330cc moderate profile (or 360cc high profile) as I had told him I wanted to achieve a large C/small D look. I am unsure if I should go the 300cc (11.6cm bwd & 3.7cm projection) or the 330cc (12cm bwd & 4.3cm projection), the 330cc fits perfectly to my bwd, and there is only .1cm difference in projection between the two sizes...I feel that the 330cc could be too big, but the 300cc could be too small? I am sure it is much of a muchness but if there are any girls out there that have had a similar issue choosing between sizes please holla! If you are a similar size to me and have Nagor implants please post what cc and profile implant you went with. xxxx
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