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  1. Thanks brookestar. I was convinced I was going ahead here but I am totally second guessing myself now! Aggghhhh!
  2. Thanks ladies for your reply - I have to say that I was very convinced that I would go with my preferred surgeon here in Australia, but I have been on some other forums and have had a message from a girl here in Aus which has really made me think again. As I say, it is nothing to do with cost - just that I would rather have a great primary surgery and it would seem that our surgeons here in Aus practice some rather outdated techniques. I am not suggesting they aren't fantastic - I am sure they are - but there has been some huge advancements recently and unless they have trained there in the last 12 - 24 months they will not be up to speed with them I am told. This is re: the ENT and rhino side of the surgery. If I am paying $17,000 out of pocket then I want to spend that money with the best value. In fact I would rather pay more and have the best result. I have to say I was surprised with the cost - I have top cover with my health fund (which is one of the largest here in Aus) and of course there is the medicare rebate too. My surgery is not overly complicated either. However, I am not sure I am entirely comfortable with not being local for the longer term post op or the consults as you say Brookestar. Decisions decisions!!
  3. Hi ladies and gents I have had a consult here in Aus for a septorhinoplasty, turbinoplasty and FESS and the cost is going to be around the $15,000 - $17,000 out of pocket mark. Bearing in mind the significant cost, I am now considering flying to the US as I am led to believe that the surgery costs (much lower in the US), travel and hotel expenses mean I won't be paying much more than the out of pocket cost here - possibly even less. The rationale is not to save money, but to achieve a fantastic primary surgery and it would appear that although we have a handful of great surgeons here in Australia, in the US they are better yet. Can anyone PM or reply to this with their overseas experiences especially those in the US. Thank you.
  4. Lol! I think you are right - already friends. Too funny
  5. Hi Jumeriah I am in the same boat in some respects as I also have a deviated septum and would like to make some adjustments to the appearance of my nose at the same time. I would like a small bump removed and it made a bit smaller. I am going for a consult with Dr Pincock in a few weeks like brookestar (he is an ENT and plastic surgeon combined). I am not having a CT scan done until I have seen him even though I'm sure he will recommend one. Good luck
  6. Good luck with it all! Dr T did 2 of my friends BA and they are really happy with the results so I am sure you will be too......
  7. Hi Kat I am based in Sydney and think I am using Dr Pincock who is based here. I am having a consult in a few weeks but all the feedback I've seen is great, as well as speaking directly to a couple of his patients who are all really happy. I am going to have the following bits and bobs for after my surgery and at home, that you might want to take with you: Clothes that open to the front (not over the head) for after surgery...or that you can pull up from your legs - so you can avoid your face/nose Some people swear by Electromagnetic patch (Google Actipatch) Ice/heat packs (ice initially then warm compresses) Snacks (Nail Polish remover - you will need clear nails for the anesthetist) Arnica Vit C Bromlain Pillow/bed wedge to help keep me from rolling/upright during the initial healing phase Some good make up to help cover the black eyes Don't forget to check with your surgeon about any nasal douching etc and if you need to supply anything yourself That's it for now but I will see if there is anything to add
  8. I am more than likely using Dr P for my rhino/septoplasty and used Dr Rastogi for my BA. I had a consult with Dr Tavakoli for my BA, but went with Dr Rastogi for a number of reasons. I am thrilled with my results. Hopefully my rhino will be as successful. I am yet to book with Dr P but my consult is in a couple of weeks. I think you are very wise to use 2 different surgeons, as I am doing!
  9. Hi Kat Good luck with your surgery. I am in the same boat as you as I am pre-surgery but I have started a list of things I will be using post-op that I have found worked well for people on their blogs/forums. I will find it and copy it here later
  10. Thank you! I am booked in for later this month but good to know re: booking my surgery
  11. Hi kshello I am in exactly the same position although I am leaning towards Dr P. My surgery will hopefully be late this year/very early next so I will keep you posted on my experience including out of pocket. I do have a deviated septum so hopefully I will get some $ back from medicare and my health insurance.
  12. Hi hcal. How did your surgery go? I hope you are feeling ok and on the mend. I am seriously considering Dr Pincock so am interested to hear everything you are happy to share Cheers, J x
  13. Costmetic Thank you for your reply - I am going to PM you. I think you are wise not be careful what you write in a public forum. I would also be interested in how you found your surgery/recovery etc. Thanks again. Claire
  14. Am now considering Dr Pincock - as well as Dr Marcells.
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