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    Eyelid surgery. Breast augmentation.
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    Dr David Sharp Nov 2016

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  1. Dee82

    Nov 2016

    Hi girls I'm having mine on the 24th with Dr Sharp in Brisbane. So excited and just a little bit nervous. I've gone from a C to a small B when I lost 18kg, hoping to be a D. I've had my second appointment now and all the big decisions are confirmed so it's all feeling very real! Feeling very happy with all the choices so far, but still getting palpitations every time I think about it. Can't wait!
  2. Thanks @imperfectly_lou that's a good point, I hadn't thought of that logic! Thankfully I have my partner with me for the suitcase lifting so I will be relying on him for the heavy lifting!! Since posting this I have had my surgeon's appointment and he said the same thing re not lifting anything heavy for 6 weeks, so I am good to go! So exciting. Appreciate the feedback ladies thank you!!
  3. I have finally booked my BA consultation this month for my spring boobs! The question I have is about travelling after surgery. I need to confirm my holiday dates with my partner's and my work, before my consultation appointment date so I'm not going to have a chance to ask the surgeon this Q before my work's holiday leave deadline. I am not sure how close to surgery I can safely go overseas? Has anyone else gone overseas in the months after their BA and if so, how soon? I am so nervous as it is, and don't want to put in for surgery leave as well as holiday leave and find I've mistimed it all. Any feedback would be much appreciated.
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