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    June 2013 dr Witoon
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  1. Brazillian implant have a very generous profile their low profile have more projection than some companies high profile implants! So don't stress
  2. Hi girls, just wanting to hear some stories maybe some before and after pics of patients of dr Ali! I haven't heard anything bad from any of the surgeons from TCI but I would love to hear any opinions!
  3. So could you still talk while you were under twilight?
  4. Hi everyone, just wondering if anyone has had any surgery with twilight rather than general? what were your thoughts and do you know why it is being used over general?
  5. They take longer to soften but they are supposed to get the softest out of all of them in the long run
  6. Thanks Kate will definitely be interested in hearing your story! I think I'm deciding between dr Ali and dr val
  7. Thanks fox.. I'm not sure I just used all my holidays, I get a week in January but I don't know if they will be working through that time.
  8. I just went on the website and saved the pics I like the best 5 from dr Ali 4 from dr tang 4 from dr val Although I know that shouldn't be how I decide Everyone does seem very happy with dr Ali though!
  9. Not sure :/ have to wait till I can get time off work again as I just used my holidays! I get the first week if jan off but I don't know if they will be open then
  10. Sorry I didn't mean to sound over defensive.. Just still upset about the whole situation and how dr boonchai acted through the situation. The reason he said was because I wanted the PU but they didn't have my size he would be forcing me to have a different implant and if anything went wrong I would blame him and PIAC. He couldn't be reasoned with I wasn't able to sign a waver and he wouldn't change he's mind.
  11. Hi girls, Looking for advice from girls who have had BA with the cosmetic institute Sydney. I'm looking at booking in but am unsure as to which surgeon. I have heard great reviews on all of them and would love some feedback and pros and cons Thanks!
  12. It was the PU implants because I had wanted them originally he refused to do any others.. Even though I think size is much more important than brand. Mum05 if you read my full post like I said I am not against Thailand surgery and I think if dr boonchai had done my surgery I would have got a great result. But I fact was he wouldn't. I also said I know lots of ladies that have had great experiences with him unfortunately I didn't and I wouldn't be spending that amount of money again to risk the same thing happening.
  13. Hi girls! I know quite a few lovely ladies on here that have seen boonchai and had amazing results! I think if he had of done my surgery he would have done a great job, like I said I'm not against Thailand surgery I just personally wouldn't go back as I've already spent so much money going this time. If I was to go again the price would end up being the same or more than having it done in aus. I am now looking at the cosmetic institute, they're $6,000 for BA they seem great and are getting great reviews.
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