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  1. I went with Dr Anh 7 months ago. Total costs was $9,995 but I didn't have a lift, BA only sorry. only out of pocket in addition to that was about $70 of pain killers and anti inflammatorys from hospital
  2. Overall I was pretty happy. The whole experience & recovery was really smooth & comfortable. I've accepted your FR so you'll be able to see my before and after pics. Will just have to wait & ask about this ripple. To be honest I have to push them a certain way did it to be noticeable but it still bothers me.
  3. Hi girls I'm almost 5 months PO after 350cc unders moderate plus profile. I had a bit of asymmetry to begin with & after but was fairly happy with results. The last couple of months I've noticed a ripple/dimple in one of my breasts which is most visible when I push my arms towards my boobs as if forcing clevage type thing but can also be more visible when simply leaning my arm across my body naturally. It's starting to really bother my results, it's like an inch from my chest and only on one side (the boob that had more tissue to begin with). Ill ask my surgeon about it at my 6 month PO appointment but anyone seen this before? I thought I read something about this happening but in real thin girls who had no breast tissue - that's not me, I was at least a full B before and I'm 68kg! Pics to try to show what I'm seeing in the mirror....the first 2 I'm pushing my boobs together with my arms which shows it more.
  4. Looking great @Suziet!! I'm 9 weeks today, time flies. Girls back at the gym how are you going? What are you doing & any problems so far? i seem to manage most things, I went for my first jog yesterday wearing 2 sports bras! Only things I struggle with is push ups (I do them but only shallow) and I can't do pull-ups at all. I find I can't even stand 'hanging' as it feels too weird/wrong?! chest press was weird first time but can do now just lighter weights for time being. Wondering if the pulling feeling will improve when taking my body weight...I hope so!
  5. Great info. Where does everyone get fitted? I'm 7 weeks PO & from trying on I think I'm a 14D but I'm yet to get professionally fitted!
  6. I'm 7 weeks PO with Dr Anh, pics in gallery if you add me. I'm happy with my experience!!
  7. Glad to hear! I had one a bit bigger than the other and find it's squishier / softer than the other & assume it's cause I had more breast tissue to start with.
  8. What sports bra are you using? I think I'm going to look for a high intensity one today. Running scares me still so I'm nervous for cardio tomorrow & jumping around! There were some push ups in the warm up and I could only do tiny ones on my knees to avoid that 'no no' feeling lol so def going easy on any chest exercises, my chest press (with dumbells) wasn't as deep as normal either.
  9. I survived my first F45 training session back!! And it was strength day so all weights! It was only the chest press that felt uncomfortable / very weird and that was with half my usual weight too. Will see how I feel tomorrow....tomorrow's class is cardio! 6 weeks 5 days PO
  10. I have 350cc mod plus, feel free to friend request for pics. I'm 6.5 weeks PO so still got some d & f to do
  11. First day out of my PO bra today straight into a underwire bra. Bloody uncomfy I tell ya! Loved getting back into a crop top by tonight
  12. I'm 6 weeks PO with Dr Anh for $9995 👌🏼
  13. I'm now using vitamin E oil on scars as recommended by PS and bio oil when massaging my boobs cause it's easier to massage lol and help any stretch marks - i don't really have any but can kinda see hints maybe so getting onto it!!
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