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  1. I had twilight to it was the weirdest feeling. I remember the girl counting down to three and next thing I know I'm awake in a chair fully dressed with tea and biscuits haha I was so out of it for the next few hours kept dosing off mid conversation with my friend who sat with me until I could go home. You don't feel anything at all it's good (:
  2. Legally you don't have to tell them what type of surgery you're having but more than likely they're going to work it out once you get back haha just depends what type of relationship you have with your boss as to how comfortable you are with telling them. I took 1 week off my office job and two weeks off my retail job. I felt fine after 1 week i just couldn't lift anything so it depends what type of work place you work in. Check with your surgeon and see what they recommend (:
  3. Don't worry mine were the weirdest ugliest shape for the first few weeks! It's just your body adjusting to having something shoved really tightly into it haha Your body needs time to adjust and stretch after a few months they will drop and fluff and look awesome!
  4. I've also head they take over a year to settle. I'm a Dr Harwood girl one of mine is slightly numb underneath but he said this was completely normal and that overtime i might get full feeling back like the other or it may always be slightly numb. I would say not to worry but if you have doubts than i'm sure he won't hesitate to see you (:
  5. Dr Harwood, Rejuvination Clinic in Springhill - Queensland (: Amazing surgeon and great price highly recommend! PM me for more info (:
  6. Thank you everyone <3 Feeling a bit better this week, just need to stay positive and not let other peoples rude comments get to me.
  7. Thank you, I I'm almost 4 months post op at the moment how far along are you?
  8. Having serious booby blues. I love my boobs still, I sometimes wish they were a bit bigger but then i remind myself that they are a DD and my surgeon said I couldn't go any bigger until after i have kids and they have time for the skin or whatever to stretch.. This past week though I've had numerous comments from people i know about them such as "If you have fake boobs you wasted your money you should have got them huge" and "They aren't even that big". I know because they're spaced further apart and there's a gap between them that they don't look as big all the time but it's really getting
  9. I was allowed to leave all my piercings in, I did have a dermal that sat on my sternum removed a few months prior but that was by personal choice.
  10. I bought a dress a few months before my BA that was a backless halter that tied up at the top that fitted great post op just depends on the type of dress you buy! Most of my old dresses still fit me but a few tight non stretch ones don't anymore.
  11. That's awesome! I'm just over 3 months post op at the moment I hope mine soften and get bigger over the next few months I'd love to fit a 10E currently a 10DD at the moment haha
  12. I'm a Dr Harwood girl and highly recommend him (: Feel free to send me a FR to ask any questions and see photos
  13. My surgeon told me I would have a gap if i chose rounds purely because of not having enough skin or whatever on my sternum for them to be closer together. If i went with teardrop they would have been slightly closer but personally I don't mind the slight gap and it means i have a bit of side boob so I'm happy haha
  14. I get booby blues to but then I have to remind myself that I fit into 10DD bras now when i used to hardly fill a 10A I've started training harder at gym and am hoping if i loose a little weight they'll look bigger haha
  15. I had 425cc Extra High Profile under the muscle and than took me from a 10A to 10DD feel free to send me a FR and check out my photos (: Personally I don't think they look that big I thought a DD would look wayyy bigger on me so I would advise going the larger size of the two!
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