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  1. Thanks ladies! i emailed my surgeon, dr boonchai. He said its scar migration, just from the weight of my implant. I'm so much less dressed now and agree with all of you! It's just my body. There's no extra bubble so I've also stopped thinking it's double bubble. Which dr said it isn't as well. Thanks so much for your reassurance though girls! I'm more accepting of it knowing its natural and safe Xx
  2. 6 weeks post op today gals. Zero pain, slight tightness in the morning but it's not uncomfortable. Moving completely normally but still no super heavy lifting and no push ups/sit ups... Not that I've been exercising much. Gained a decent amount of weight and a live for laziness, especially since it started snowing haha... Heres a progress pic though Also @Yollie, I've been super open about it and received a small amt of judgement. One from a fricken pharmacist of all people and a few people asking why Thailand? Was it dodgy? are they even any good? To which I reply, they're fricken amazing and I love them and I'd recommend Thailand and my surgeon to anyone! But I did my research. People can think what they want, ultimately my partner is 100% supportive, my self esteem has boosted immensely and I've personally received the exact results I wanted. Anyone who doesn't approve or whatever can eat a d***. They obviously don't know what it's like in our heads. Everyone is looking amazing. And I hope you're all feeling as amazing too!
  3. 100% agree soph. Mentally it hasn't been too bad, but until a few night ago (1 month post op) I slept sitting up, with a pillow squishing my boobs together even more than my bra already did out of fear they'll naturally separate and I'll have a large gap... obsessing over shape has been exhausting
  4. Damn ladies I remember that pain! It was the worst I had! But it's gone now! It ended about 2 weeks post op so hang in there! It's a magical time when it's gone! Hahaha
  5. Hi ladies! I'm 5 weeks post op on Tuesday and regularly get my incisions dressings off to air them out and get more comfortable moving them around. I've notice my right one is kind of hard just underneath the cut. My incisions don't sit underneath my boob but almost a little higher on them (I never had a crease before my surgery). So I'm not sure if it's just tissue/implant that's dropping, or scarring. If if it is scarring, has anyone had this issue, and if so has anything fixed it or reduced it? I haven't used any creams or oils on my scars yet. I've put a pic up though it doesn't show much. And pointed to where it's a bit harder. Someone tell me this isn't double bubble? Haha
  6. Hey ladies, 3 weeks po on tuesday and those of you wondering, while i definitely had a harder time at the start, my boobs are still sitting high and swollen most days.. they calmed down in Thailand, but the second I got back to canada, they've been swollen ever since. still stoked though! When i take off my compression bra, they feel entirely normal though! barely any pain unless there's a weird movement, but they feel entirely normal on my body.. same as not having boobs. Second they're back in my bra though, my chest is tight and slightly uncomfortable. and they seem more swollen. bf and I decided it's just because there's no pressure on them, that's why they feel tight. Not sure the bra is doing anything for swelling though. getting pretty over it. but since day 1 they looks so different so hang in there! Also, i didn't have any meds prescribed.... I took some antibiotics which i finished when I got my stitches out, but otherwise, nothing. No endone, nothing with codeine. Just basic panda stuff (tylenol) and I swear it did nothing and I got through. and mine still radiate serious heat too hahah1 Work has made me feel more normal too. i think less about it. but definitely too early to be doing half the shiz i am. stick it out ladies, give it time! Everyones photos look amazing and I'm positive once we all d & f they'll all be epic! good luck to those still waiting patiently!
  7. Hahaha @rachelcloud I hope you're in surgery already and the hunger pain has disappeared for a while! my veins collapsed from not eating or drinking for about 15hrs too so lucky for me I got gassed out instead! If j had the option, I would have chosen gas straight up cause the local in my hand hurt more than enough hahah! cant wait to see how you're feeling!
  8. Hey Liv. i just had mine done with Dr Boonchai and I have similar stats to you. You can friend request me and see all my pictures since before the surgery. I'm 169cm, 53kg and went for 300cc hp round. My final result once everything is settled etc should be a CC or small D. Which I'm stoked about. I stayed on Khao San road which was both a good and bad thing. It mean just walking downstairs to eat, so no jolty cabs etc. and plenty of markets. Bad side, the whole street is pretty much a club so sometimes I'd wake up at stupid hours from bases partying. I simply chose a hotel with a pool so I could relax, but found I rarely went to the pool because of the heat and sweating on my bandages. Take a laptop for movies etc in case this is the same with you. Only other bad side was at night the street is cut off to cars, so I had to walk a little more than I liked at the end. But by then I was walking anyway! Could be worth spending a little extra for a complete hotel resort type experience instead? Something I've never been overly fussy on. The hospital you stay in for the night is amazing and the nurses are the best! They're so gentle. If You're going alone, look into a nurse assistant thing program whatever it's called. Someone who can come to you whenever you need them. Without my bf I honestly wouldn't have been able to leave my bed and would have booked more time in the hospital. Otherwise,Good surgeon choice! He's a god
  9. Does anyone have any suggested ideas to cure morning boob? I'm struggling hard with it in the morning and it makes getting out of bed actually impossible because my arms become like little t-Rex arms haha and I can't pull myself up, roll over or sleep on my dude yet, or push myself up. I start work Friday meaning a 5am wake up call and I know I'm going to feel bad waking up my bf to get him to lever me out of bed haha! should I maybe just go back to sleeping sitting up. God forbid. Or have you ladies found something else works?
  10. Day 2 (top) and day 13 (bottom) comparison below! Safe to say I'm absolutely stoked! Dr Boonchai is a boob genius and I couldn't be happier! Dropping already, fluffing is definitely slower progress. I still swell a bit, especially in the morning but they're getting just that little bit squishier everyday (Tan not acquired in Bangkok, but rather in yellower lighting... Haha!) Currently wearing a C cup compression bra but will probably get a CC or D when I'm in normal bras. 168cm, 53kg (probably 55kg from recovery) and I was an a, rarely b cup, with 300cc high profile under the muscle for ladies wondering
  11. I didn't get queazy from anything actually! I was on antibiotics for about a week, and that never upset my tummy either. Not even when I added a Panadol to it. I never took any vitamins leading up to the surgery or during either at 2 weeks, I'm sleeping on my back now just with the one pillow. It's made morning boob so much worse but sleep so much better! And I'll take sleep any day! Got out of bed awkwardly and felt like a popped an implant hahaha (slight exaggeration) yesterday and now I'm a bit more sore and tender than I have been. But ultimately things are looking up! Pain isn't constant, just brought on by awkward movement. Im yet to oil up my scars. I'm sooooo nervous of wearing my compression bra right on the incisions without bandages so I'm kind of putting it off. I'd love to hear what other ladies are doing that are 2 weeks post op with their scars!
  12. Yas @Milando! I'm starting to think I've actually gained weight! I'm 2 weeks post op and my stomach is a constant bloat. My period never even made me this bloated. But apparently your body will flush it out naturally, maybe mine just forgot.... Hahahah! i also started massaging when I got home. About 9 days Po. It's not overly painful, if anything my arms get sore hahah! I was only told what massages when I got my stitches out
  13. Yay @Honeycakes! Can't wait to see your progress picks! oh and @Soph132 I didn't bleed much at all. I think max 20ml either drain but I was in Thailand so I think it was an automatic thing there
  14. I had drains over night. I thought it'd kill or at least make me feel queezy getting them out but it just felt like a bit of pressure. It was no where near as bad as I thought it'd be! I think the local anaesthetic they gave me before they knocked me out hurt more if that helps! They're just more of a pain than anything hahaha an inconvenience when you wanna pee or move and stuff. And they grossed out my bf. But otherwise, they're not that bad they don't tug or hurt or anything while they're in
  15. I was so blase going in as well @rachelcloud! And for me, I didn't take coming to as well as I hoped, or the pain. For me, pain was the worst thing id ever felt. No crying though! You can't breathe in enough to cry haha! But in saying that, it doesn't sound to me like anyone else has felt it as hard as me! So you'll probably be fine! But @Ranalicious is totally right. You get better by the hour! I couldn't move at all for a few hour and your body is so exhausted you'll sleep easily! But then, maybe 5hrs later, I was up and peeing in my own (nurses help to get up but apparently still a big deal!) then day 2 I could walk around. Albeit slowly, it just Morsi get like I was super hungover.
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