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  1. @BlingorBA you look just like me pre op. I wanted to wait till I had kids too, but Im now 38 and still single so I decided to go ahead with the surgery as I was putting my life on hold. I have been told by a few girls who have had their done that they actually like their implants better now after having a baby, as they drop more and look more natural. I went behind the muscle so I can breastfeed if I do have kids so that is an option too, but definitely something to think long and hard about, its not something you want to just do flippantly, you will need to be mentally ready for it as well as financially!! after 18years of wanting a BA I still dont think I was mentally ready for what I now see, dont get me wrong, I love them, I guess after being a AA all my life to now being a C even I feel like they are massive, but its just getting used to having (anything) which is definitely happening and I love them more and more every day!
  2. @Nura, what size are you starting out at? and what size are you hoping to achieve? FR me if you like, I started as a blank palette 10AA and have pics in my gallery if you want to have a look. I got 330cc and at 6.5 weeks I'm measuring a C cup however, I think I'll end up a D or DD!
  3. @boobiebuf, i don't find one is jiggly but i definitely find my left just isn't as comfortable as my right. Right feels like its part of me where as my left is still a bit high and protrudes out further so maybe that is why. Hopefully onces it drops more it will feel more normal!
  4. He is amazing @AnnieG. Can't recommend him more highly. He ended up going with the size i was hoping for and I'm now 4.5 weeks PO. Add me as a friend if you like and I'll update my pics this weekend so you can see. All up mine cost $12,750 for his fees, hospital and anesthesiologist (not including my accom for a week in Sydney as i flew up from Melbourne). He isn't cheap but he is well worth it! ?
  5. @MissE i have mine on the losest of the two settings. That's how the nurses put it on me from my surgery so I've just continued to do that. When I had my one week check up the nurse asked me which one i have it on and i said the loser one, she didn't say not too so I've continued to do so. I feel like my boobs are changing at warp speed though. They seem like they have doubled in size in 10 days where others go weeks with no change ? not sure if this has something to do with the lose setting of the bra or if my body is just moving quickly. All i can say is i hope it slows down at the rate I'm going i feel like I'll end up a DD cup and i only wanted a C! Eep....
  6. @EmT, i haven't experienced dry/cracked nipples but now at a week and a half they are becoming super sensitive! ? will try that lansinoh to see if that helps it's so uncomfortable. Anything rubbing against them drives me insane.
  7. @MissE that black bathing suit is gorgeous, where is that from?
  8. Thanks @Suzieti will give that a go. Don't stress just yet. Mine are looking how i want them too now and I'm only 1week PO I'm scared they will get heaps bigger now. We all go through boobie hate at times. I was freaking this morning and then went to cotton on and tried on a bralette and a slinky nightie and i loved how they looked in those, I've never been able to wear a nightie as i had nothing at all, and it was so depressing; but i had a grin from ear to ear today when I saw that i finally filled out a nighty for once in my life! ? So if your feeling a bit down about how they look naked, go try them in something sexy and you'll realise just how amazing they really are and that bad feeling will pass! ? here is my nightie pose just to put a smile on your face! Haha
  9. @Suzietjust looked at your pics. They are a little uneven but don't stress too much, my left breast was heaps bigger, squarer and sitting heaps higher than my right. the right looked 1/2 the lefts size but i tried not to stress as my left side is dominant. Anyway, woke up yesterday morning and my right has dropped and rounded nicely and the left is now still more square but looks smaller than my right, and I'm only 1 week post op. So dont stress they change and settle at different rates. I'll post pics in my gallery when i can figure out how to do gallery friends only from my phone. Does anyone know how to select that option from your mobile?
  10. Hi ladies, just thought I'd post my pre op and post op day one photos for you all to see. I will set up a gallery soon too. Hope your all doing well xx
  11. Looking awesome @Starlet. They look sooo good in the sports bra; so perky! ? xx
  12. Thanks @Suziet, yes he is definitely amazing and an artist! i haven't seen them out of the bra yet but hopefully today I will grab a sneaky peek whilst having a clean. ? Thanks @MissE, @Bond007 feeling a bit sore and tender today! But otherwise better than i thought. I just got off the phone from the nurse and she said i still have the general floating around my body so tomorrow might be more sore once the general wears off. The hospital was great. They all seemed friendly, ppl kept swapping shifts so i had alot of different nurses looking in on me but otherwise it was a good experience. @Honeycakes, yeah i was stoked he went the 330s, didn't think they were going to be possible. He grafted fat from my abdomen to my sternum to help prevent a rippling affect. He said the 295s didn't fill out my chest and look as good as the 330s so i was happy with the upgrade. I think 330s will go well since your boobs were bigger than mine to begin with. Thanks @ree11, yes we were twins before with size and shape so it will be interesting to see how the drop and fluff on us both! Thanks @tilly17, feeling pretty good right now. Going to get up shortly and go for a stroll and do my stretches that Dr M gave me to do. Feeling tender but its bareable! @EmilyM they will look great once the swelling goes down. How exciting! I had to sit at the hospital for 3.5hrs too before my procedure! Yay @BunnyHop. Can't wait to see you once you're done. You round out the August girls right? Thanks for all the support girls, without this forum i would have been so much worse off noy knowing what to expect etc. Glad i made bew boobie friends much love and i hope eveyone us recovering well, and everyone still to come has a great procedure and fast recovery! Xx Thanks @newboobsmaybe. Loving what i can see so far. Can't believe after 8 weeks of waiting it finally happened! X
  13. I'm out ladies. Besides a really sore tight chest I'm feeling ok. Haven't stood up yet tho. Dr M was able to go 330 and he grafted a little fat to fill out my boney sturnum. Looking great right now from what I can see, V happy! Hope all went well for you @EmilyM
  14. I could do with some champagne right now @ree11 lol.
  15. Thanks @ree11, my surgery got pushed out another 2hrs as someone for medical reasons had to go first. All good watching tv in the hospital, they get more channels than ny hotel room anyway lol xx
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