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  1. I remember a time - a good few years ago - when furry Brazilians implants were the in-thing! The stats on them were excellent - they vastly reduced the chances of capsular contraction occurring. The only 'down' side - if one could call it that - was that only certain specialised plastic surgeons offered them as an option as they were a fair bit more difficult to insert properly and even more difficult to remove. I had mine done in 2012 and I have never looked back again! They look even better now - and more natural - 6 years later! I have had two more babies since and now that the skin has stretched somewhat I feel that I'd like to go even bigger - around 800 to 1000 cc. I was wondering whether Silimed now made larger sized implants in the 800 to 1000 cc range? Unfortunately my research on the topic did not progress very far as it appears that the Silimed brand (in Brazil) did not survive the 2015 controversy they had over contaminants. Now if you look at their website www.silimed.com one is re-routed to www.sientra.com. Sientra were the distributors of Silimed in the USA and after some sort of legal battle between Silimed and Sientra it would appear as though Sientra came out on top! Can anybody here provide any further details on what happened to Silimed in Brazil? Have they completely closed down and has their "furry Brazilians" range of implants been terminated? I'm rather interested in this as I believe that their furry Brazilian range are the very best silcone implants ever produced and I would love to use them again if and when I have a followup procedure.
  2. hi everybody! I haven't been on this blog for about 5 or 6 months but seem to remember the website url being something like plasticsurgery.com.au before? Anybody know why the URL address has changed to cosmeticjourney.com? Just curious.... oops - i see the url used to be: plasticsurgeryforum.com.au which seemed to be a pretty good generic name for what it was.... so just curious as to why the URL name change?
  3. hi 520rounds Congrats on having had a successful vaginoplasty procedure! I am wanting to have the same done, so just have a few Q's for u if u don't mind? Did u have the entire vaginal canal tightened or just the front part near the opening? also, you say the results are ecstatic, so i was wondering how much of a change it made to your enjoyment of intercourse? is it now like it used to be before u had any children? I am very excited about having my procedure done and am hoping my questions don't sound too naive or personal?
  4. hi bailey_x I am very interested to hear more about your story as it evolves since i'm also looking to have this procedure done in the future. Are you having the entire vaginal canal tightened or just the section near the opening? Looking forward to updates...
  5. I went as big as i could with Brazilians at the time. And they looked great and still look amazing and very natural! They look even more natural now after a few years and having breast fed my youngest... However I have no doubt that bigger would look even better on me and the breast feeding has created a bit of stretch and so i could probably fit somewhere between 800cc and 1000cc in a year or two after one more baby... With the genius of Dr Szalay once again I'm sure it will look amazing!
  6. I'm also of the opinion that you should go as big as you possibly can! I know I did and I was very happy with my results... I have since had another baby and am trying for one more, but after that I would like to go bigger again! I noted that sullengirl has 915cc silicone and was wondering if anybody here knows where or how she got such large silicone implants? Reason i ask is because my own research has shown that 800 cc is generally the largest silicone implants made, with one make going as high as 850cc. So hearing that sullengirl has 915 cc makes me wonder why i can't seem to find any info online about such large silicone implants? I have messaged sullengirl a short while ago, so hopefully she can shed some light on this for me.
  7. Hey Hun, I am getting 620XHP implants in August as i am having a swap and lift. Just wondering if you'd mind showing before pictures of yours. I was previously a B cup but have 500's in now. Yours look fantastic by the way!! x

  8. I AGREE tayo83!!! Based on my experience and results it hard to find fault. That doesn`t sound like him at all!! He is truly a perfectionist in his work!!
  9. Ive send you a FR then you can have a look at my pics. Will add new ones soon :)

  10. HI you are welcome to have a look at my pics. I had my BA done last year November by Dr Szalay
  11. Yes that is the same thing I was thinking. You never know the outcome after breast feeding. I don't know if I want to take the change of reshaping them again.
  12. Hi Everyone Just wondering if anybody breast fed their baby after their BA. I am thinking of breast feeding my baby but I`m concerned that my breasts wont look the same. The reason I got my BA was because after breast feeding my 2 daughters my breast was deflated. I`m just scared that if I breast feed now that my breast will stretch and will leave me with the same problem as before.
  13. Hey hun, just sent you a FR, spotted you've had 620 XHP Overs hey! Hard to find overs girls who've gone to 600+ :)

  14. Going good hun. Had 10 week check up tue and healing great. Xx

  15. Fr accepted :) Yes they are I went as big as I could because I had before pregnancy and breast feeding almost the same size as now. I had to fill my empty breasts and that is why I went for 620cc. Love my size :) my advise go as big as you can then you.

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