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  1. I hate needles so badly as well. I asked for the numbing gel where the cannula was going to go, and they gave me a Valium. They do their best the make you as comfortable as possible. I cried a little bit when I first hopped up onto the table.. but settled down as soon as I had some of Dr. Harwood's 'glass of wine'
  2. Yep.. did it. I thought I did it last night, but obviously didn't. Oh yeah, it was an October girls thing. Can't believe it's been 7 months!
  3. I'll be there of course Lozz, Ana84 and I met at the end of last year..so I can't wait for this one! I haven't been very active on the forum lately.. just been using the facebook group. Looking forward to it!
  4. I have dual plane too and I do everything exercise wise that I did before my op. I stopped doing chest exercises a few weeks prior, because the thicker your pec muscle, the longer recovery, and probably more painful, as part of the pec is cut. I can see a little movement when I flex my chest.. but nothing weird
  5. I was a very small b cup (10b, but not filling it all). I got 315cc and I think I'm a large C now. Haven't been officially measured yet though.
  6. I used bio oil over my boobs for one week after surgery. I don't do it anymore.. just my usual cocoa butter body moisturiser (bio oil on my scars only). I think if your skin is going to stretch, it would be the early days because the skin stretches the moment your surgeon puts the implants in.
  7. If they are inverted, there is a surgery to release them.. but just for a look, I don't think so.
  8. I also had mine done by Dr.Harwood. I love my results, and he is also a lovely man. I question for you ladies though - my friend (since seeing my successful boob job) has booked in for surgery. She is going with Dr. Inghram in Brisbane. Has anyone heard of him? I told her to go to Dr. Harwood, but she was funny because he isn't on the board of plastic surgeons. I prefer to go by so many women's stories and amazing photos versus a name on a list, but whatever...
  9. I noticed them as well after about 2 weeks. I'm about 6 weeks now and they have reduced a lot. Nothing to worry about
  10. Did you go dual plane or under muscle? Mine got so much bigger by day 7. The muscles start to relax and the implant is able to expand. No point measuring for a while. I still haven't been measured properly and I'm 5 weeks on Friday.
  11. Did he recommend completely under, or dual plane? Your photos looked good..size looks great. I wonder why he recommended 305 and 330 and nothing in between. I got 315 and he also offered 305s (I think) I thought the smaller size looked good, but they will be a little smaller under your muscle vs in the bra. I wanted a natural look, so I knew I wanted teardrops.
  12. I had dual plane and my muscle ache feeling went away at about 2-3 weeks. I started back at pump last week (going really light in the chest track) and did my first body attack class since my op today (i'm 4 weeks and 3 days) ! I wore 2 sports bras. lol
  13. I am 4 weeks and I started jogging for just a street at a time during my dog walks. It feels ok. I checked with Dr. H yesterday and he said I should be right to go now as long as I'm wearing a supportive bra. I'm back at pump also
  14. Oh, so was I ana. I had my first one 1 week post op. Dr. H sprayed the incision with plastic skin for me. The tan stuck on the areas where I had bandages so I had big dark brown rectangles under my boobs.. it also collected where they stuck the heart rate monitors and that patch on your thigh. Took ages to come off.
  15. Yep, cool. They are, last bit of scab came off a week ago..I've been using bio oil on them since. I might try and take some hot 1 month update photos after I'm tanned He he.
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