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  1. @SoftPillowsI went from 610cc to 800cc only recently with dr eddy dona in Sydney - he's amazing ??? I'm adding more pics to my albums as we speak so feel free to check them out!
  2. I had my poly-coated breast implants several years ago and replaced with a lower textured implant as I was getting repeated seromas and inflammation. They had really stuck hard to my breast tissue and my surgeon ended up ripping out quite a bit of my own breast tissue in the removal process Removal can be a nightmare (if the coating hasn't dissolved yet in your body)...I don't understand why some plastic surgeons still use them! I never felt well with those implants, I think removal is a good idea, good luck with it x
  3. I wouldn't worry, I had a set which looked way more asymmetrical than yours here... They still look great ?
  4. I still fit into all my old clothes too.. ?
  5. Let it go !!! I'm not laughing at her, I don't know this person! The belief that a 300cc implant that gives a D or DD result would be considered "big" was why I used that emote. That is NOT BULLYING - this is simply my opinion. Online forums are created for the purpose of gaining other peoples' opinions and perspectives.
  6. If the patient is concerned enough to write on a public forum about her worry over whether she picked the correct size of implants, then the logical answer would be to get another sizing consult before her surgery - how many women on this online forum have regretted not going big enough ?? To not suggest this to this forum member is not good advice. An augmented D or DD result with a 330cc implant is not a large size at all with breast implants (even on a tiny frame!) I find it hard to believe you wished you went smaller....?
  7. @Ss84 I was the same, no curves and I'm a small frame, I have 620cc (submuscular placement) and they still look natural...without wearing a good push up bra they hardly look that big !! They kind of disappear under my work uniform without a good padded bra on, people don't even know I've got implants ☹️ I'm upsizing again later in the year though. Glad you're happy with the shape. At least now you know you can go quite a bit bigger and still end up with a completely natural result ?
  8. @Ss84Your nurse is correct, you will get a minor decrease in size as the swelling goes down. In my experience, the drop and fluffing process doesn't automatically mean you'll get a significant size increase, especially if you haven't gone for an overly large implant size in the first place, hope this helps x
  9. Great news So glad you were able to speak directly to your surgeon about this! Another sizing discussion was definitely needed before your surgery. I really hope this size implant achieves your desired look! Just remember the sizes always look a little bigger.....you will find the implant looks a little smaller once inside your body. Best of luck for tomorrow too. I'm sure everything will be fine and you'll get the look you're wanting! xx
  10. Maybe read the thread from the beginning? If the patient has stated she wanted to look proportional to a lower curvy body it is highly unlikely a 300cc implant would do this! And if she is having any doubts about the size she has now chosen she should not go ahead with the surgery - it's that simple. The moderator didn't even suggest another sizing appointment before surgery, even though she's not 100% sure she's picked the right size now....that's poor advice. Going "big" was never the issue here! Ensuring she has picked the correct size for the look she wants is the ac
  11. Good advice Poor advice I would have thought a moderator would have something more to add to the conversation than this...
  12. That is a very conservative size for your stats...once the implants are inside your body they're way smaller looking than the sizers...you won't be in proportion (as in your breasts won't be the same size as your hips) if you're only going 300cc....your lower half will still be wider than your upper half... You need to go at least 500cc to look proportional to a curvy lower body! You can't tell your surgeon right before surgery that you need to go bigger as he/she won't have different sized implants on hand! I would contact the surgical coordinator again and tell them exactly ho
  13. Are you his receptionist?? Because this looks to be a very standard looking fake review to me !! Interesting you've never commented on this forum before...
  14. Yes, fluid would just return within a couple of days, I also had a poly coated breast implant...you have to understand that certain textured implants, the poly coated ones I'm talking about, can cause chronic inflammation in your breast...and fluid...in some people... No, I didn't have any pain or swelling... My plastic surgeon had no idea what was going on but chose to remove it because these can also be the early signs of anaplastic large cell lymphoma, my breast cavity was also extremely inflamed when he opened me up too It is HIGHLY UNLIKELY to be anything this serious, but
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