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    BA, 450 and 375 (asymmetrical), round, under muscle, smooth, hp, mentors.
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    Mansoor Mirkazemi 1/9/16
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    157cm, 53kg, small 12b.
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  1. My stats were similar to yours. I got 375cc and 450cc, under the muscle (I was asymmetrical). I'm now a 12dd and I'm so happy with them. No one has really noticed, not that they've said anyway. I can definitely hide them or show them off and they are in great proportion for me. The only person to notice was my sister in law who reached over and grabbed them across the table mid conversation, lol! I had a very low cut top on. Her and I had often complained about our small boobs to eachother in the past so she could see the difference easily.
  2. I took my husband. I also took a list of questions, paper and a pen to write all the info down.
  3. Hi September 2016 ladies! Is anyone still visiting the forum...? Now that it's been over 12 months for us all I'm just wondering how everyone's doing? I'm very happy! Everything turned out well. Size is good and they feel like theyve always been there. My scars are almost invisible. My right nipple is slightly more sensitive than it used to be but doesn't bother me.
  4. I had my augmentation last September with Mansoor and couldn't be happier. My after care has been great and he's responded very quickly to any texts I've sent him with my post op questions. He understood exactly the look I was after and was honest in telling me what I could and couldn't achieve. I hope this helps good luck with your decision!
  5. We tried to wait the 2 weeks but made it to 5 days. We just took it easy and he did all the work. It was short and sweet lol. Listen to your body and you'll know what you can do
  6. Merry Christmas ladies! I hope you all had a good one Funny thing happened at Christmas lunch. I'm sitting chatting with my sis in law when she suddenly stops mid sentence and says "Are your boobs bigger? What the hell!", then reaches over for a feel! I came clean so my secret's out I guess ???
  7. Thanks @Abevemi I'm in love with my guys work. I just have to sort out the design and rebook. Waiting time is around 6 months to get an appointment with him usually though which is a bugger! He squeezed me in for the last one as a favour.
  8. Hey @tjm262 I was booked in last tuesday to get mine done but I cancelled the day before because I wasn't happy with his design. I told him what I wanted but his drawing was way off. I was so disappointed! Was really looking forward to it being done. Now I have a friend working on the design for me so fingers crossed it'll be done soon! Your design is beautiful! Good luck! @LisMäree has a beautiful one too. I found these pretty ones too:
  9. That's great to hear @Abevemi! Thanks X I think it's a goer! ?
  10. Thanks @Millicent, that's what I kept reading. I guess I won't know unless I do it. I could just get it done and see, could always take it out if it doesn't heal well... Will share a pic for sure, @Yollie! ?
  11. Oh yay! Thanks, @Yollie, I'm 3 and a half months so should be good to go! I was doing some research today though and a lot of ladies have said they're not a piercing that heals very well, it seems common to get crusties for years after it's pierced. Not liking that idea...
  12. Has anyone asked their surgeon how long they recommend to wait after ba to get a nipple piercing done? I have a check up next week but thought I'd ask here first anyway
  13. Hi @Kait My bwd is 14cm. I'm 157cm tall and 53kg. I was a 12b pre op with most of my breast tissue at the bottom of my breasts. I had my ba in September and got 375cc and 450cc (i was asymmetrical) round, smooth, high profile, under the muscle. My surgeon recommended round instead of anatomical because, with most of my breast tissue being at the bottom, I needed the top half filled out a bit too. I'm now a 12dd and I think they look very natural. I'm really happy. Do you know what cup size you're aiming for? With such a wide bwd we need a little more cc to fill us out.
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