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    Breast augmentation
    Lost size after children and more after taking up running. Teardrop Brazilians under muscle 270 or 315cc recommended.
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    Dr Harwood. 6 December 2012.
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    178cm, 59kg, deflated 12A/B with asymmetry

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  1. At my face to face check up with Dr H he told me not to bother with micropore. I was complaining about how hard it was to get off and that it would take skin with it. He said to stop using it. There were tonnes of stitches in a number of layers in the incisions so the micropore was superfluous. He said best thing I could do for the scars was use rosehip or bio oil twice a day. I'm happy with my scars. They're flat and relatively faint for skin type. In all honesty, I hated using the micropore because it was so hard and painful to remove. I used to use love oil or tea tree oil to get it off.
  2. I'm a bit the same. Hubby's up for it anytime and always has been. By the time everything's done for the day, I'm not interested. It does seem like another job on the to-do list. Ok once we get started, though. Things are much better since my ba. I constantly have them out or flash him and I've bought some lovely bra and knicker sets, something I never bothered with pre-ba. I feel much more shapely and womanly now so confidence has certainly improved. Sometimes it's just hard to beat putting your feet up with a nice cuppa and playing on Pinterest at the end of a day.
  3. Hi Kiddi, I'm not on here as often anymore but wanted to duck in and wish you the best for you big day!! Hope all goes well and keen to see your pics.
  4. I'm 5 ft 10, thin frame and got 360s. Definitely not too big on me. I could carry bigger. Best advice is to find pictures of the look you like and take those to your ps. Everyone gets such different results even with the same size implant.
  5. I've had my brazilians for just over 7 months. They are quite soft now but not a lot of jiggle. I saw Dr H at 4 months and he said they'll keep softening at least to 9 months. I did notice a huge change around the 3 month mark. Do a search for oakley's posts. She posted a gif of a softness demo when she was at 6 months. Look great but mine aren't as soft as that yet, even a month later. Just wanted to add that I have a good 31/2 finger gap too. My dr told me I should be able to get a bit more cleavage in the right bra. Can't help anatomy. Would love 1 finger gap.
  6. Started as an empty 10A and now a 10DD (10E at Bras N Things). I got 360 hp teardrops.
  7. I felt very similar when I paid my deposit. It suddenly hit me that I would no longer look the same, ever again. I was quite teary about it which took my by surprise. I had to get used to the idea that yes, this was big and permanent. The feeling passed over a week or two and then I was counting down the days and so excited. I had to stop alcohol a couple of weeks before the op so hubby and I had farewell celebration and toasted the old me goodbye. A few days before the op I took a heap of photos of myself in clothes and topless for memory's sake. It will pass and you will be able to look
  8. I did. I made the mistake of notifying the airline before I travelled that I was having surgery. They didn't tell me I'd need more than a med cert from my dr permitting air travel. Dr H was wonderful about it especially considering it all happened on a Sunday morning. I was able to go shopping and walking, wash my hair, get in and out of bed in the days after my surgery, but there is no way I could have got myself through the airport and on to the plane. I was still feeling a bit vague from meds too. I travelled home day 3 post op.
  9. I agree, they look really small. My daughter is a c and looks bigger than all of them. I'm now a dd and I'm sure I look a lot bigger than those pictured. I think you're right, Kiddi, it's all about the fullness of the upper pole. I think that's why mine look bigger and my daughter has perky teenager boobs, of course.
  10. No boob greed for me. I measure a 10 dd (10e at BnT) and it's hard to get pretty bras in the styles I like. Also, I'm really active (not just exercise but I love skiing, abseiling and caving) and any bigger could have impacted on that. If anything, I have cleavage greed. I don't have any (just not built that way) and my implants aren't soft enough yet to push together in a bra. It also helps that I couldn't have fit a bigger implant, anyway.
  11. I have to say that mine didn't fluff. I measure the same now (7 months) as I did at about 3 weeks. Found the notes I took during my phone consult with my dr 3 months before the surgery and he'd said that 2 weeks you have what you get. He was on the money with me. I know that other girls who have seen Dr H have had theirs fluff more even after 6 months. I wasn't doing any weight training so my chest muscles probably didn't hang on very tight. Dr H was also accurate with the bra size he predicted for me which was unusual. Most of his girls say that he underestimates the final result.
  12. I'm thin. I had next to no breast tissue (small deflated A) and a very bony chest with prominent ribs. I've got 360cc hp teardrops. In my case, my doctor wouldn't use rounds as the edges would have been visible and they would have looked bolted on. Mine are 7 months old and are very natural feeling. As they are brazillians, they still have some softening to happen yet, too. I've found that I don't look near as bony with the implants and I now have more of a waist. I'm very happy.
  13. As the weather is cooler, could you wear it over a thin singlet to ease the tenderness? Wouldn't want it to go over anything of heavier fabric, though. This might give some relief.
  14. I stayed at Mint Apartments. Very reasonably priced, lovely rooms and view and walking distance to Dr H's rooms, restaurants, mall, train station and supermarket. Also has a 711 on site. Taxi from Dr H's rooms is about $5-$7. Right on the river, too.
  15. I'm a little taller than you and weight is about 58kg. I also bf 2 kids and ended up with no sag, just empty cups. I have 360 hp teardrop brazillians and have ended up a 10DD (10E at Bras n Things). I'm very happy. I could have pulled off bigger, but my bwd wouldn't allow it and I think any larger would have interfered with my lifestyle. I have lots of upper pole but still a full, natural look.
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