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  1. CONGRATULATION EVERYONE!!!! We all have boobies :) Getting back to work was so hard after all that rest! Hope everyone is loving their new assets. I know I sure am, will post pics soon
  2. I don't have any children yet but I plan to in the next 2-3 years like yourself and I understand the idea of waiting until after you have them to hace the BA. BUT I feel like having a baby takes your life to a new level and you go through so much to have that child. So why not do something for yourself NOW when life is still all about you ( Please don't take that the wrong mumma bears). I feel like pregnancy will make my boobs more natural... HOWEVER there are a lot of pro's for waiting like breast feeding and getting the perfect result with implants after pregnancy.. I don't know if that helps you at all..... I feel like having the BA is something personal so why prolong it any longer when everyone says they wish they did it earlier!!!!
  3. Seriously do not do it!!! It's the weirdest feeling ever, I can only imagine how good I would be feeling now if I just took it easy on day 4 &5 rather thinking I was fine! We all learn in our own silly ways!!!! Ice is my best friend right now LOL
  4. PS I just uploaded some more pics fresh from this morning!
  5. Hi Everyone Glad to see everyone is recovering well, aside from the gastro :S I have been feeling great, so great I thought I could drive the car.... WRONG! There is a reason they tell you not to do these things, it felt ok while I was doing it but the next day I was in so much pain. I can barely lift my right arm without pain. So for anyone who thinks they might be feeling ok to drive.. Think again! I am meant to go back to work tomorrow but I am going to have one more day off and put my arm in a sling so I don't do ANYTHING! PLATINUM - Do you have to wear a band around the top to pus the implants down too?
  6. So excited for everyone The post op list is getting longer! My update: I'm stuck at home with no food and no shops nearby trying to do an assignment and I have just given in and ordered pizza probably the biggest no no ever BUT I am sooo hungry and I don't want toast or baked beans LOL Funny story though: I went to the bathroom before and the door blew shut and got jammed. I couldn't open the damn thing I though I was going to be stuck in there or rip stitches.. Luckily I maneuvered it open with minimal pain!!!! Any other post op girls had any silly accidents?
  7. I just re read my post with all it's typo's - clearly very groggy on the drugs!!! lol
  8. I can already see how girls put on weight after BA, all I have done all day is check the cupboard and the fridge almost hourly.. Luckily I forgot to go shopping before surgery and didn't find too much in there lolI told myself today was the last day of eating bad! This is the time to eat clean to make up for all the inactivity! I'm hoping to be able to do some lower body workouts next week before all my hard work on my booty disappears :S If any of you have some secret post surgery work outs please share! My PT has had her boobs done and she specialises in training girls so when I get back to training with her I will let you all know
  9. I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought his gallery was a bit odd.. After all the rave reviews I have read on here about him I had a look at his website and I vaguely remember checking it out and not thinking much of it and that's why I never had a consult with him! Don't they realise how important their website and photo gallery is??? BreastsToBe I have also sent you a FR, I am 1 day post op and even more addicted to seing everyones before and afters now than ever!!!!
  10. I am going to tell my BF this story in the morning!!! I have so far been very upbeat with minimal pain but I need to remember to take it easy and because he sees me all cheery he thinks I am fine too and rolls his eyes when I ask for help to get up LOL
  11. Dr Harwood sounds like such a character and very popular! I'm wondering how I missed him in my rounds of consults, i saw so many surgeons in Brisbane LOL But am so happy with Dr Phil's work!! Good luck JenJen not long now
  12. I have stayed well clear of the panedine forte it really makes you feel ill! still feeling pretty good, but it is getting very tight and sore! Not looking forward to tomorrow!!!
  13. YAY!!! Congratulations I couldn't imagine having them under the muscle, it feels weird enough over the top! Where is your incision site? Did they give you valium? I'm throughly enjoying them lol I hope you get a good sleep tonight
  14. Oh no that's terrible! Good luck and kep psted
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