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    315cc hp teardrop unders dec 2012...revision may 10th 360xhp
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    Early May 2013
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    5'7 59kg 12A

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  1. Yes I agree firstly go back to your surgeon and discuss, he would clearing agree with your concerns ....
  2. We all have different feelings about our boobs once they are done...I was like you I wanted a natural looking breast and also said C cup the thought of D cup made me think they be huge.... I'm a 12 DD now after surgery and still feel when wearing some clothes they look small... just look at a P.O pic and compare this always makes me feel better...chin up
  3. Definilty contact surgeon with your concerns and see what he thinks. I did with mine when I wasn't 100% happy, and he did a revision for me.
  4. Hi just sent FR I'm 360 xhp teardrop what did u get ?
  5. Maybe more of a NY Challenge for me....after the festive season I'll needed it
  6. Hi Jenny how much Dr Mc for breast ? I cant get appt till March with him so just wondering ...thanks
  7. Hi Shan, how did you go on Tuesday ?
  8. I'm nearly 7mths and still sensitive, my left one more so that hubby can't touch and do the things he used too
  9. Is it just me or does they phone get answered at Dr Szalay rooms?? Very first call got through last week and enquired about appointment times and fees, then when I rang back to make appt no answer left msg. I have since left two msg, had a returned call yesterday which I missed rang straight back and no answer ?? definilty not very professional !!! Have otheres experienced this ?
  10. Hi danielleb820 was yr BA done under GA or twilight ??
  11. Hi ladies I'm just wondering what people's opinions are on surgeons that's do and don't use drains?? is it only plastic surgeons that used them? TCI don't use them and and when speaking to Dr doña rooms they said he doesn't only if needed . Does it effect yr results ? Pain recovery ? I'm just interested in know more Thanks ladies
  12. Hi Megz did he give you a quote ? Yr a little girl he his work looks amazing and the best results
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