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  1. I'm the same I have 360 xhp teardrop and am happy with them, but don't have much upper pole as I would like, wearing a bra gives me this but am wishing I had this with out bra on....
  2. Hi miss c, would you know if it works out cheaper going directly with PIAC? Im looking into revision next year and interested in going to PIAC.. also sent FR
  3. im from the sunny coast n have heard mixed reports on him. But personally haven't seem him. But i have seen results from Dr Mcdermett at kawana private hospital he is maybe worth a visit.
  4. 3 days have passed and boob feels great and no pain ....yippeeee
  5. Yep def another opinion and know your options
  6. So I just had my injection today, in my scar tissue to help with the pain. It's wasn't to bad just when the Dr was trying to find the right spot to inject by squeezing it. the next few day will be sore and fingers cross it does the trick, there is a possibility I could need another. Dr said its a rare case and he only does about 4-5 girls a year....typical my luck !!!!
  7. Yes that happen to me too, I had revision 5mths po and actually went up a size too. Then I had to wear the binder for 7 days and I do believe this helped a lot and recovery was so much better.
  8. Your Dr surely has to give you some answers to why this is happening???? or i would be demading some answeres.
  9. I had that about for about 4 weeks and had a melt down thinking WTF...but it smoothed it self out as the DR said it would it was just swelling.
  10. Hi dr has said it's very rare to repeat this injection and even more rare that further treatment will be required. Fingers cross.
  11. I emailed DR H yesterday regarding my left breast, I'm 6mths po revision and over the last 4-6 weeks I have developed more numbness in my breast from about 3 o'clock to 8 0clock, nipple very sore and waking to up a pain/ache feeling while I sleep on my side in the cleavage. I've been patient and trying to ignore it hoping it would pass but my worrying started to set in. So decided to email dr who has recommend a Cortisone injection he feels I may have a nerve caught up in the scar tissue?? im booked in next Wednesday to have this done. Has anyone heard of this being done in the breast or had the injection for this reason.
  12. Hi girls just wondering if any girls have had revision in Thailand or Bangkok and your out come ? im looking at mid next year for revision to go bigger and round implants .
  13. Hey girls just wondering for those who have had BA more than twice have the surgeons used the same scared placement to open up ?? Thanks
  14. There's nothing between 360 n 390 so I'll go bigger
  15. I totally hear you on this and understand completely. I'm the same the thought of being a DD scared me before my BA but I am now a 12DD and feel they are very natural looking but want bigger, same in clothes I'm disappointed at times and tend to wear tops that show them off more, when really I feel I shouldn't have to and if they are bigger I'll be happier...lol Ive been searching the net at a revision next year to go bigger in Thailand or Bangkok , I like the look more of volume and upper pole. Ive just sent of assessment form with cozmedic tours to get a dr opinion . Have sent FR
  16. Hi nikijade, I'm 170cm 60kilos and was deflated 12b from breast feeding. Am now 12DD with 360 xhp teardrops unders, you can FR me to have a look if you like
  17. That's who I was looking at to do redo as he just down the rd I have consult end October. Do u mind how much was he ??
  18. Thanks bbk11 , I've sent a FR as I love to see your progress . Also who was your surgeon?
  19. Sent a FR I have teardrop and think they look very natural
  20. Hi Alison, Yes i agree about the difference in sizing, I was offered 355 cc in rounds but wanted a more natural look so chose 360 xhp teardrops and ive got that but when clothes on i feel no differnce to having push up bra. I must admit i have adapted to them and just wish they were bigger even though im a 12DD trust me i dont see it. I see other pics and girls with more fullness and cleavage, i like the more round look... I am worried about what size, and would like atleast 100cc up, but in saying this it may be way way too big. So i have to way up my options cost and is it really worth it when i have a nice set already. Think it comes down to never happy hey....lol..i wonder if i got the rounds at first would i be wanting teardrops....lol.. Im going to a plastic surgeon on 31st oct for his opinion. Im trying to up load photos but having trouble, keeps saying error ??
  21. Anyone else having trouble uploading photos, ive tried via phone and now through computer by camera input. Its doing my head in !!! been trying for 40min. Plz help !!
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