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  1. Ok ladies it might be one of those days but I've been search again and looking at cost and redo procedures. I like my boobs 360 cc xhp teardrop unders, but feel I don't have enough cleavage and upper pole. If I put on a bra I can create this. Do I just settle for this ?? I'm thinking of redo next year to rounds and upping the size to 420 ?? Not sure as my measurements were 12/5/2.5 if I will fit. Has any girls made the change and if so what was the out come ?? Thanks girls...
  2. Hi Andy, I still get discomfort pain in my left boob when I sleep on my sides around the outer lining of implant underneath. More so in the last 6 weeks, but I keep telling myself it's just temporary and will go away but I'm not so sure why it's happen ?? I'm going to email Dr H to see what his thoughts are on it next week.
  3. I had revision after 5 months and found it so much easier, took meds for day 2 and 3 then was pretty much fine....good luck
  4. Hi girls, just interested on others thoughts on Jades Boobs from Big brother..they look awesome... Do you think the are hers? or has she had implants if so what size ? Either way i wish mine looked like that!!!
  5. Oh thanks renkim that's a great idea will try that and see if that helps...
  6. Hi ladies, just wondering if any of you get a discomfort feeling pain or sore boob when sleeping on your side?? It's only the left side. i have been having for a while now just hoping it will pass, but will give it another week before I contact my surgeon. Thanks girls
  7. Omg just read your post about Dr H paying for flights and hotel....that is amazing I honestly don't think others would be so helpful and especially in your circumstances this is a blessing so happy for you ...
  8. Hey there, I had to have revision wi Dr H coz one was sitting higher and I wasn't overall competent happy with the result, mine was done 5 mths later as I wanted to wait and see if they would change naturally. With my revision I also go Botox in the muscle to relax it so it wouldn't spasms. You are in good hands, but get a second opinion if this will make you fell better. Fingers cross that everything works out as easy as possibly for you .
  9. im just 3 mts n get pain sometimes when i sleep on my side. still some numbness on the left too.
  10. Hi Donatella, I'm interested in this procedure too, can you give me the name of the place students learn to do this. Thanks
  11. I was told at least 6 months, i only breastfed for 3 weeks and thats what i did waited, didnt want to take any risks.
  12. HI Ladies is anyone else having trouble viewing ablums of friends ?? I havent been able to for three days. Ive tried on ipad and laptop and still no good anyone else having trouble ??
  13. Hi Molly I would wait until 3months, there are so many changes in ths time. Try and be patient which is hard after waiting so long to get them and see how you feel.
  14. Hi Teelee, no I didn't which was wonderful...
  15. I guess after about 3months...coz they were so much better than what I started with I was happy. But as time went on and the discomfort at night while sleeping and the overall out look I wasn't 100% happy. They felted ok was just the pain. It's a lot of money we pay and when I spoke to my DR he agreed. He was going to go in a slightly adjust one implant. But after we spoke and I told him my thoughts we agreed on going up a size and going XHP... So much happier and am now 10E...so glad I spoke up..
  16. Hi ladies any recommendations on bra website that are good. I'm at 10E and find I'm limited on some really nice bras. Thanks
  17. Got measured today 7 weeks po and a 10E....very happy
  18. I'm about 6 weeks and still feel tender when I touch them esp where scar is and just on the sides.
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