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  1. Oh whisper, what a ordeal. I bet you are over the moon with your new girls o pleased for you...sent FR.
  2. Thx ladies, I got to 5mths before revision and now I'm just can't wait till there is no discomfort.
  3. Hi ladies, Just wondering how other ladies feel about their breast, I had issues first time around so always had some discomfort. Just had revision 3 weeks ago and still very early days for me. But for those ladies who are 6months plus, do you feel your implants are apart of you? Or do you still feel they need time? Someone told me you have to give it a good 12 months for the best outcome would you agree
  4. Oh ok D...yes I have been trying to sleep on my side maybe your right it's aggravating it, back to back sleeping for me to see if is helps. When I had my po a week after my revision my dr was ok with me wearing underwire bras coz I had a lot of feeling still, not like the first time. He is away at moment and don't have another appt till early July. Will see how I go over the next few days and ring Monday if needed.
  5. Hi Donatella, I'm 3 weeks PO tomorrow from my revision. All have been pretty good, much happier with size. But my right breast is quite sore these last few days especially when sleeping, from the top all around to the size it feels bruised. I know I'm still in earlier day and just keep think tomorrow it be better, but after reading your message I'm wondering if I have the same. Both my breast are the same size..did you have any other signs?
  6. All went great, Dr H said its just swelling and will fix its self. Still early days. It's amazing how much better You feel when you walk out of there with reassurance.
  7. Had follow up today and all good, it's just swelling and god don't you always feel better once you have been reassured....happy days now and loving the face I spoke up and said I wasn't happy with the first BA and dr h helped me get my results I was after....
  8. Fingers cross for quick recovery for you, I'm not on any meds now day 6 ....and driving pick up my little one so much easier 2nd time around...
  9. Thank you for your response..of to see surgeon today and feel it looks slightly better today than yesterday
  10. My dr worked with me to achieve the outcome I wanted after i Wasn't happy with first ba and never charge me for my revision.
  11. Thank you girls...I'm not looking at it anymore until I see Dr..will let u know what he has to say.
  12. Wondering if any other ladies have had the double bubble effect, I seem to have it 5 days po after revision so I'm beside myself....I have follow up Thursday n trying not to stress but would love to hear any opinions or advice thank you
  13. Best of luck for tomorrow looking forward to hearing about your recovery. Mine has gone really well so much better than first time, only on panadol now in morning and night...good luck
  14. Have follow up Thursday so looking forward to that. When i was having my melt down when i noticed it my husband calmly said just wait for a few days and see what happens when u see the doctor....Lol..Pain levels are good, I'm only on panadol day 5 and feel good.
  15. Yes went under the muscle both n times..
  16. Just had revision 3 days ago. And right breast is great, the left which I've always had trouble with looks like the implant is not right again!!!!! I've added photos for opinions I hope it will fill and even out at bottom of breast ...I'm just freaking out at the moment coz I can't got through this again...
  17. 3 days PO and feeling good, haven't had to ice this time and taking not many meds. Feeling tried though and just want to sleep, hubby back at work tomorrow and have my dad visiting unexpectedly, so was quite funny having to tell him, and he thinks its great....lol..typical male.... Best of luck to other girls today, will post pics in a few days ..
  18. Trust me a DD is nothing to be scared of, when dresses you will think, I could of went bigger
  19. I had my revision on Friday, and feel good sore n tender but nothing like the first time. I'm aware today n tomorrow will be my worse, but I'm taking half of the pain killers I took first time around. So far so good and already happy with the change of implant ..
  20. Twilight sedation is good, personally you wake up feeling so much better. I've had it 3 times in the past and just yesterday for a revision surgery, and feel great...
  21. Had my revision surgery yesterday with dr h so far so good slept for about 12 hrs with a quick wake up to take meds. Feeling very relaxed about it much more second time around and will be resting for the next few days...
  22. Just sent FR my revision brought forward to 3rd may...would love to hear about your recovery thx
  23. Oh Lexie really ...fingers cross for a quick recovery soon for you.
  24. Hi Donatella I'm been done 10th may 2 days after you...my dr has said it won't be half as painful as the first time because pockets already there and muscle adapted. Fingers cross just wound healing and not a lot of swelling...
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