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  1. Hi there, I'm interested in hearing any revision surgery recovery stories compared to initial surgery. First time I had help for 7 days but this time might only be 3-4 days with two little ones 10mths and 3 I'm a bit concerned. Thanks for any advice.
  2. My personal opinion girls is, if the difference is over 100cc than there would be a noticeable difference in your look, but anything less than that go the bigger size. I stressed and stressed over size, I was after a natural looking breast and went 315cc teardrop unders, i tried on the 360cc and yes they felt heavy and not so natural looking under my top coz i thought they looked to big, but its so hard when trying on the sizers and the implants don't feel that heavy. I'm actually getting a revision done on 10th May to 360cc XHP and if I knew what I knew now I would of went this implant but was scared of the to big fake look... I know my out come in size won't be huge, but they will be more volume and perkiness.
  3. Hi ladies, I'm getting 360 XHP unders teardrop and would love to see any others that have had this size implant. Thank you
  4. Same here I'm getting n 360 xhp but love to see how yrs are turning out..thanks
  5. Hi there, I'm also having revision only after 5mths and having a slight increase in size to 360 XHP. Ive heard amazing stories about Dr Miroshnik, check him out http://www.drmiroshnik.com.au/ good luck
  6. No but this was also my worry thinking I spoken about my issues with my surgeon but when I got to the receptionist she would of said I need to pay ex amount....but all was good when I seen FOC written next to my name...so no thank god...
  7. Awesome news brissiemum, I'm am feeling great about it..with out the hesitation this time about size concern the bigger the better I say...yours look awesome cant wait to be a 360 girl .
  8. Brazilian implants and currently a 12dd
  9. Thank you Fox I'm sure I will be, And so please my Dr is helping me achieve what I want.
  10. Hi ladies, I had 315cc hp unders done last December with my Dr. And have just felt that my left breast has never accepted the implant, its doesn't sit the same as the left but with discomfort as well and I'm at the point where I wake every night if I'm asleep on my side, it feels sore and just not apart of me like my right side. After a few consults with my dr he suggested we go in and adjust the implant!!!. But with that being done my overall opinion is that I'm not competently happy with the position of the right too. I feel it's protection is not high enough. And I'm not 100% happy and I feel after the money I've spent I need to be, not just ok with them. Thankfully my Dr agreed and we are going for a slight increase to a 360 on size but in a XHP implant. If I had my time again this is what I would of chosen, i did try this implant on but felt it would be too big..( always go bigger girls). So looking forward to the revision and if there any 360XHP plz sent FR thank you.
  11. After another visit with Dr today, i had 315 cc done last dec, but being redone 7th may 360 xhp...if I knew what I knew now this would of been the implant I would of chosen, but was worried about being to big....so hint ladies always go bigger ...
  12. Hi Boobie mum a, well aren't I glad I came across yr post I too got 315cc teardrop hp unders and am seeing Dr H on the 2 April maybe earlier coz my left breast is causing me a lot of pain and has never settled like my right from the beginning. He has suggested opening up and adjusting the implant but best waiting till the 6month mark, I'm more nervous about this. And to top this off overall I'm not completely happy with my look. Be interesting what he has to say...have sent FR.
  13. Hi Dec girls....since my last post at the end of jan. I'm still noticing that my left breast is still slightly high than my right. Feels like its tight on the muscle especially now I'm back at gym. Has anyone else had a similar issue?? Dr H has told me to wait till 6mths then he will do a open up again and loosen the implant!! I'm ok with this, but am thinking of asking the question of going a little bit bigger...lol...I be interest to know what his fees would be for this??
  14. Hi Mel....I also was worried about loosing size by going under but honestly don't think I did. I did speak to dr h about the too n he stated that I wouldn't loose size...
  15. Well im one happy girl, went and seen DR H yesterday he very pleased with scar healing and gave me the all clear for any bras...yippeee....But my left breast is still higher then right, he has asked me to wait another 3 months and see where we are at then. If im not happy a small op to loosen it up might correct it, but im sure it will be all good by them...well fingers cross not that noticeable...got measured up a month ago and was 12DD didnt think i would be still the same yesterday when got measured again...even Dr H was like wow...just posted pics of 315CC teardrop unders...
  16. They sure can, im 7 weeks po and left is still higer, have just posted pics...
  17. IM happy with my boobs they a lot better than what they were, I'll be interested if I wanted bigger within 12 months would there be discount??
  18. I would ask for DD...I got 315 and have been measured twice n am 12 dd..happy but don't think they look that big at all
  19. Just sent FR to see how the change is over time thank u
  20. Hi nic010, thanks for yr msg. I wasn't told to massage ?? Have any other Dr Harwood girls told to massage??
  21. Hi Dec girls....I was 3weeks post op yesterday and was wondering if anyone was feeling what I'm feeling. My right boob has relaxed quite well and have good movement all round even when shaving underarm no problem. The left is a lot tighter under the muscle and has not let go yet, even when in car driving its that sensitive it hurts when going over bumps. Morning boob is still pretty sore with it too...I'm sure anyday now it will get better and settle and look more like the other boob. I'm just wearing sports crop bras and have done for the last two weeks even at night, only wore post op bra for two days as it was way to tight. Any other opinions be great. Also when are we ok to wear underwire ? I'm a Dr H girl...thank you
  22. Hi there, I'm 170cm 60kilos was a deflated 12a got 315cc unders teardrop and now 12DD...I feel they are a great size and natural looking
  23. Wow December girls over 12000 views for our Dec Thread....what great support and help this has been for us all and I'm sure lots of others too....
  24. Hey girls I'm 14 days po tomorrow 315 unders...and still feel the tightness in one boob especially. First thing in morning is still a bit sore. But am lifting my 9 kilo son up ok but being very careful, I was driving at 6 days ..some evenings I feel I have over done it..everyone is different but if ou got 2 3 weeks do it...
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