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  1. We all have different feelings about our boobs once they are done...I was like you I wanted a natural looking breast and also said C cup the thought of D cup made me think they be huge....

    I'm a 12 DD now after surgery and still feel when wearing some clothes they look small...

    just look at a P.O pic and compare this always makes me feel better...chin up

  2. Is it just me or does they phone get answered at Dr Szalay rooms??

    Very first call got through last week and enquired about appointment times and fees, then when I rang back to make appt no answer left msg. I have since left two msg, had a returned call yesterday which I missed rang straight back and no answer ??

    definilty not very professional !!!

    Have otheres experienced this ?

  3. Hi ladies I'm just wondering what people's opinions are on surgeons that's do and don't use drains??

    is it only plastic surgeons that used them?

    TCI don't use them and and when speaking to Dr doña rooms they said he doesn't only if needed .

    Does it effect yr results ?

    Pain recovery ?

    I'm just interested in know more

    Thanks ladies

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