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  1. Dr Guy Watts!!! Seriously cannot speak highly enough of him an my experience with him. I'm currently 2.5 weeks post op an am so happy with how my new boobs r settling in already. His prices were so affordable to. I paid $8990. Definatly worth the visit even for a consult. Check out his reviews 😊
  2. I am 2 weeks post op from my breast aug, and seen dr Guy Watts in Perth. I cannot fault my experience with him, highly recommend seeing him for a consult. His prices were awesome too!! Couldn't be happier with my new boobies 😊😊😊
  3. Oh good this makes me feel a little better. These last few days have been rough. Pain rtc has been fine, haven't needed pain relief but omg not being able to do much is killing me !! My left breast feels more swollen tighter an generally just more uncomfortable an it's freakign me out that some bring is wrong. Can't wait to see my surgeon on Wednesday to check all is ok an hopefully put my mind at ease!!
  4. I had my surgery on Wednesday just gone, I'm only quite small an very straight up an down so had originally chosen 325 cc mod plus in the mentor. If also thrown around th idea of high profile implants but in the end trusted my surgeon to use which he thought would be the nicest result. After surgery he told me he went with 350cc hPa which I was a bit shocked with but he explained that my breast pocket just wasn't wide enough for the mod pluses. It's still early days so not sure if they feel a bit big for what I was after. Time will tell I suppose.
  5. I'm booked with dr watts in just over a week. He came highly recommended has great prices an has been very thorough an easy to deal with in all my consultations. I have complete faith I'll b very happy with my results.
  6. He did say moderate plus as I want a little side boob but then I was only fairly short in the length of my chest so a said the bigger I go the higher up the implant would b too. So i think I will just leave it up to him when I'm on the operating table :-) what size did u decide on roughly?
  7. Any other girls had dr Guy Watts?? Or booked with him? He was the only dr I had a consult with but felt very comfortable with him so decided to just book! Surgery scheduled for 28th sept, now I need to decide on size! He recommended anywhere from 295cc to 350cc, I'm only a size 6-8, I don't want them to look fake but still want a little side boob. No idea whether to go the moderate plus or high profile. I can't decide!!!!!! I have no boob at all at the moment so any advice would b great 😊
  8. I am going for a consult with guy watts on Wednesday an was told he is around the 9k mark an is a plastic surgeon πŸ‘πŸΌ
  9. So from what I can see most of the Perth surgeons come highly recommended an I'm trying to narrow down my search 😊 Has anyone had a bad experience with breast augmentation in Perth?? Thanks ladies 😘
  10. Thanks taeniaS I will have to do some more research 😊 Do u have any pics?? Also was it just day surgery??
  11. If u don't mind me asking simmie, what size did u get an what kind of prices does he charge??
  12. Awesome Thankyou kg95 I will send u a FR now :-)
  13. Tony Connell did my mother in laws boobs around 20 years ago an she to can't recommend him enough. Although I've heard his waiting period is quite long an I'm really hoping to have them in time for summer, so i may need to enquire 😊
  14. Hi 😊 I'm on Perth too am very interested to hear what girl have to say as I have been looking into these 2 surgeons As well πŸ˜„πŸ‘πŸΌ
  15. Perth girls!! I'm looking into breast implants. Would love ur recommendations for Perth surgeons an also costs of u don't mind sharing. I'm currently a 10A an have breast fed my babies an have no boob!! I'm only a size 6-8😊Don't think I will need lift an am not wanting anything tooo huge but would like to b about a 10d any info/ before after pics would b so helpful. I need all the info/help I can get haha. Hoping to have new boobs before summer. Thanks ladies 😘
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