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    Breast augmentation & lift
    Vaser liposuction
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    Dr. Piyapas - Bangkok Hospital Phuket - vaser liposuction to many areas, BA & lift 27th March 2013
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    162cm 65kg pre op 12B, post op 12DD

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  1. Hi Chacha, The lipo went well. I am still very bruised & swollen, so I will wait till all that settles till I post pics. I can notice the difference however, particularly on my tummy, outer thigh & hip areas. I had a total of 3.5L of fat removed. Wearing the post open garment is a bit of a drag & soooooo hot here in Phuket!!! My boobs have given me very little grief at all. Only are night do they feel sore. They have never Felt tight which I am surprised as I got 500cc! Even the muscles aren't very sore. I was under the impression they were completely under the muscle, but wonder also from what I have read on here. I have a post open appointment tomorrow with Dr Piyapas so I'll ask him then. Maz :-)