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  1. Hey ladies, i had a great augmentation with Dr Greensmith in November. I highly recommended him. I'm loving my new assets and haven't had any problems. The day after my op i had my drains removed and then spent 10 hours shopping with no pain just a little tight in the chest. I found the care of not only him but his entire team amazing. I ran into a couple of problems on the day of my surgery and I couldn't fault them for their care. You're in great hands!
  2. Has anyone had a BA and then decided to loss weight/ tone up? Im only 53kg and planning to loss a little bit of weight but mostly just tone my body up. I have 300cc HP unders and am wondering if this will effect them anyway? Also do you have any recommendations on exercise I should avoid?
  3. I got mine done there with Dr Andrew Greensmith only 4 weeks ago. Your breast is the exact same company as the Melbourne institute of plastic surgery! I've had an amazing experience, couldn't be happier with my results or the care that I received from both the doctors, nurses and receptionist. My recovery was so easy, I've had 0 pain only chest tightness. I spent 8 hours shopping the day after my surgery. P.s I paid around $7200 because I added a kenelle funnel which is a device used to decrease infection rates and makes the insicion site only 2-3cm.
  4. @BoobsCD and @Maddi101 You girls are in safe hands! My recovery has been super easy. I haven't taken any endone and spent my first day PO shopping at chadston. I did experience some nausea after surgery but both Dr Greensmith and the Anastetic doctor came to check on me and gave me extra anti medics to help. The care was amazing!
  5. Aw thank you! I am 157cm and 50 kg. Was an A-B cup before my surgery ? Have you booked in for your BA? I went through Dr Andrew Greensmith at the Melbourne institute of plastic surgery. He was amazing and very affordable, I highly recommended him if you're yet to find a surgeon ?
  6. Thank you all so much! I just went through the D&F thread which made me feel better. I'm just being impatient and wanting to know what the end result will look like now haha @gsr4232 yes they're round. Thank you! @donatella I was an A cup before my BA so very little breast tissue!
  7. I'm currently 3 weeks post op so I know I'm probably being a little impatient but just wanted to know people's opinions of how they think they'll drop. I'm worried my breasts are to round and look to big for my frame. I wanted a very natural look. I got 300cc under the muscle
  8. I'm 21 days PO and haven't gone back to work yet. I work as a nurse in an ortho ward which involves a lot of lifting and sliding patients. I've had a very smooth recovery and spent my first day PO shopping for 8 hours. I think as long as you're careful to not bump yourself or do any heavey lifting you'll be fine. However if you are concerned I'd recommended calling in sick or extending your leave, it's not worth doing anything that could harm yourself! Hope all goes well ?
  9. @Shapely Andrew is amazing you're going to be in great hands! I'm 3 days post op and haven't had any problems with my recovery. Day 1 post op after I got my drains out I spent a full day shopping and haven't experienced any pain. Some tightness in the chest but nothing painful. I would recommended getting some coloxyl and senna and taking those immediate after surgery as I had bad constipation for 4 days which caused stomach pains and boating. If you have any questions feel free to message me ?
  10. Hey guys, had my BA today all went very well. Dr Andrew Greensmith was amazing so was all the staff I met! I suffered some nausea after the OP but that's the worst of what I've suffered. Pains not bad just some tightness in the chest. Hope everyone else is doing well!
  11. @BoobsCD I booked my consult and surgery dates about 3 months ago but that's only because I'm a uni student about to graduate so I had to have my surgery on a specific date. My consult and surgery dates are about a month apart. 13002846368 that's the number of the Your Breast clinic who I'm going through. There standard breast augmentation prices are $6990. It'd probably be best to give them a call and see if their able to do both the procedures at once ?
  12. Hi @brianna_mm I just had a Skype consultation with Dr Andrew Greensmith for a BA last week so he definitely does them. I'm having my augmentation with him through your breast as its a lot cheaper compared to other places. Goodluck!
  13. Boony6 I also am studying a bachelor of nursing and am currently on my final 6 week placement! New boobs are going to be my graduation present to myself after all the hard over the past 3 years hahaha.
  14. I'm going with Dr Andrew Greensmith at your breast clinic! You must be so excitied now then! Once I got my confirmation email I started to get really nervous for a couple but luckily I'm feeling fine now haha. i haven't confirmed ccs yet either but im currently a B cup and wanting a small D cup possibly even a large C cup. I've got a small frame and am pretty short so don't want to go to large. I'm thinking between 250 and 275 ccs, round under the muscles. I'm having troubles deciding on the profile! I want them to look natural but also have upper pole and natural cleverage. It's a
  15. Hey Bonny! Im having a BA done on the 10th of November in Melbourne! ?
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