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  1. hi kazza - how are you feeling? honestly dont worry about it! the aprehensive feeling is very normal and in a few days you will be a new person. i cant wait to hear how your feeling & here abut your healing progress! very excited for you
  2. @Kazza wow your surgery is so close! How are you feeling about it all? Where abouts are you getting your surgery done?
  3. So week 1 is now over - remember to be patient with the healing process & dont over do it. One thing that I have forgotten to mention is the itching. I think that the combination of the tablets & the heat/humidity has made me itchy. Make sure that you advise your doctor & they will prescribe you something to fix this! So this week it is my birthday, I spent all day shopping with my family in town. Just to give you some idea this was Day 9 post surgery. You will have more mobility each day & you will be able to stand more upright each day. Be sure to focus on the progression that you are making. Just think if you have improved just a little in a day or 2 or 3 - think about how much better you will be in a 4 or 5 more days. Does the questions of why have I done this, what was I thinking ever happen - YES. Be prepared for it and make sure you prepare your husband, boyfriend, partner, mother - whom ever is you support person through this process. Try and focus on all the good things & small progressions that you are going through as this will help. Dont be afraid to speak to anyone on the forums that has experienced this proceedure. Remember they have been in this situation & they too have been there & understand the emotions and feelings you are going through. Day 12 - post surgery I am walking around alot & going out on daily excursions - NO JET BOATS & NO SWIMMING. lol Today the banages on my boobs are starting to lift, so i have removed these. I am also very imaptient to see the progression of the healing process of my new belly button that they have had to relocate. So i remove these bandages aswell. I spend quite some time cleaning the area with a sanitizer and getting off any stickyness from the plaster etc. My belly button was the only thing that I was concerned about with my operation. yes it is oval & has a round scar & at this moment, but I dont like it & dont want to show anybody how its looking. Remember - each day the healing gets better and i still have a long way to go. I will try & post up some pictures so that people can see the progression. Day 13 - post surgery Today is my final check up with the doctor. He is amazed at how my breasts are healing and happy with the progression of my belly button. The doctor removes the tape from my belly scar & has removed all of the stitches along the scar. REMINDER - there is a small amount of pain/uncomfortable during this process, but its over with in no time! Rather than leaving the scar exposed, as small piece of tape is placed along the scar line to help cover the wound especially in the shower. My doctor tells me that I can remove my tape when I get back to Australia & go back to normal. He also tells me I can go back to light work outs in the next few weeks. Thats the end of my week 2 - it was better than week 1 and every day is getting easier & better. In regards to my medication this week, I am slowly stopping some of the medication & dropping a few times that I am taking them. Week 2 I spend alot of time doing sight seeing & walking around I do my first work out this week. It is earlier than what the doctor had recommended, but REMEMBER - listen to what your body is telling you! I am finding some things ok & easy to do, but there are somethings that I cant. I cant take my weight onto my hands - it doesnt hurt, but feels weird in my boobs! I only do the exercises that dont feel uncomfortable or hurt. I do not do any stomach directed exercises either. Day 19-post surgery I spend all day flying in aeroplanes or walking through the aiports on my way back to Australia. I did take an asperin as i had heard it can assist with thinning the blood & could help prevent blood clotting. I dont know if that was true or not??? But I figured that it didn't hurt to take one. lol. I am sore by the end of the day but I am glad to be home. Day 20 - post surgery Can i tell you that being able to get fully under the shower for a long time is the most amazing thing for me today. hahahaha - I am sad right! That is the best thing about being home. Still need to get some pics up. I am hopeless Week 3 Ok so now I am going to work in weekly progressions as there is not much to report from day to day now. I am back at work. I personally have not had an issue about being tired by the end of the day but I work in an office so im not moving around that much. I have had a bath & honestly, I dont recommend doing that this early after surgery. Obviously being submerged in warm water for a long time has made my tummy scar soft & slightly open - dont worry it hasnt opened all the way up, but I dont think i will be taking a bath again anytime this week lol I am wearing the body garment alot more now that I am back in Australia. I didnt tend to wear in Phuket as i found the garment to be too hot & sweaty. I have been able to roll over to my side. It makes a nice change not having to sleep on my back for a little while. I think my husband must like it more cause I am sure that whilst i have been sleeping on my back have woken myself up a number of times snorting & snoring. lol I wasnt able to wear my normal pants earlier in the week, as was obviously too swollen, but by the end of the week I have gone down & my work pants are now fitting better. Scaring is one of those things that takes a good amount of time to heal & disappear. I would like to think that my scarring is better, but its really hard to monitor. lol I cant update my photos on this site. I am sure its a user issue, so if anyone can help, i would appreciate a msg please
  4. Thank you all for your replies. On Monday i will be 28 days post surgery. I will give you all a brief run down of my experiences over the last few weeks. Day 4 Post Surgery Unfortunately my Doctor is not around, but that doesnt mean things dont get done. He has asked another doctor to come in & see me. My tummy drains have been removed. OK - this is not the nicest feeling - BUT - it is over with in a matter of seconds & its good to keep reminding yourself that having the drains removed will give you more mobility & that the healing process can take place. Once my drains removed I was released from Hospital. PPSI arranged for transfers to my hotel. You are a little anxious getting in a car & going over bumps, but the thought of not being in hospital out weighs that for sure! Because the hygeine in Phuket is not the same as Australia, they will bandage up your wounds & tell you to take quick showers trying not to get the operated area too wet. I am not going to lie - the first real shower you have after surgery is AMAZING!!!!!! lol - ahhhhhh the little things in life right. hahaha. I would recommend having a partner help you with this process & also a hand held shower head works best. The following day is spend more time walking around. I heard that the more mobile you are that this helps with the healing process. REMEMBER - DO NOT OVER DO IT! When your body tells you your tired, go take a rest. Day 6 I go back to the hospital for a checkup with my doctor. He removes the stitches from my breasts - this is another one of those not so nice moments. But only lasts for a short period of time but is managable. he replaces the tape & tells me he is happy with the progress. OK my opinion of my breasts are they are too big. But soooooo many people say they will settle & to give them a few months. I have been asked a number of questions along my journey especially with the recovery being overseas. Has the warmer weather & humidity caused extra swelling? Honestly, I dont know. I dont have any issues with swelling & I personally didnt notice any swelling to my legs & feet etc. Yes my tummy is a little swollen, but I cannot say if thats because of the operation or the heat. I expected to be swollen but I am not a balloon. Is there any language barriers with the nurses or doctors - I will not lie, yes there can sometimes be language barriers with the staff, but if you go through an Australian company (like a tour) please speak to them about anything that the nurses cannot answer you clearly. With the doctor - no language barrier at all! What is the pain like & what medications did you get - EVERY BODY IS DIFFERENT - please remember that. If I was going to rate between 1 to 10 (ten being excruiciating pain) - as long as i took my tablets my pain was at about a 4 or less. I didnt have a morphine drip, but did have muscle relaxants, antibiotics, pain killers etc. When you leave the hospital you will get a heap of tablets to take away with you. I would recommend taking your tables as per the described times. One thing I did take was arnica tablets which are a herbal tablet, if i was feeling any pain in between the regular tablets. I will keep you posted of further updates & recovery progression.
  5. My update so far today is day 3 post surgery so will work back through the last few days saturday spend the day with my family walking around Patong which was fun. Sunday at 10:30 they pick us up to take me to the hospital. Upon arriving at the hospital they do a heap of tests. Blood samples X-rays etc. then I got to meet my doctor. Doctor narupin is sooooo lovely. So we start with the breast augmentation consult. Dr N makes comment that I don't need a lift that he will just do the implants and that's it. So I have 325cc implants that are round and have gone over the muscle. I am greatful cause I know healing time will be less then we go onto the tummy tuck. He takes a look and recommends only a mini tummy tuck. If they can take enough skin higher than my current belly button I will only have the 1 scar and a new belly button position. As I mentioned i am now day 3 post surgery and I only have the 1 scar. Still haven't seen it though. I'm all bandaged up. So it's the first surgery I have ever had so I was a little anxious to say the least. I wont lie when you get out of surgery you feel like you have been hit by a train. BUT in saying that I tried to sleep through as much as I could. I am going to say on a scale of 1-10 it's about an 8 as soon as I got out. Which was 1 am in the morning. Day 1 post surgery. I have 3 drains 2 in my boobs and 1 in my tummy oh and a catheta. Pain level day 1 is about a 4. Doctor came in about 11am and decides boobs are fine and removed the drains. It is uncomfortable but tolerable and it's over with in seconds. So day 1 accomplishments are boob drains out. New support bra on. I am eating a little. And basically feel ok day 2 - so I am not the best hospital patient. No I'm not constantly harrassing the staff but I want to get up I want to move around. So at 6am the nurses come in to remove the catheta. Similar to the boob drains it's an uncomfortable process but it's over with in seconds. So today my husband has come to visit me and as soon as he walks in I'm like right get me some clothes your helping me walk. Lol. So I won't lie I probably should have waited for the nurse but I knew I was ready to go and I am glad that my husband was here to be the one to help. So to sum up day 2 the catheta is out and I am up walking around. Oh my boobs are huge! Lol. Hope the swelling goes down a little. So today is day 3. And at this stage it's on 7am so nothing really to report. I can get in and out of bed by myself. But will try to remember to keep posting up here. To sum up my experience so far I haven't had huge pain and I seem to be healing fine. Yes I did get the blues night 1 rang my hubby in tears but after a long day and very interrupted sleep I guess I'm allowed to be a little emotional.
  6. ok so here is my updates so far. 9 days till we leave for Phuket & 11 days to surgery. Getting excited now! So after chatting with my best friend who works for a skin cancer specialist, she has advised that the best natural creams to use to reduce scarring & encourage fast healing is a cream call PRE by Phytocare. Now must be honest I want the most minimal scarring possible and I have bought the expensive scar creams, but I have bought this aswell. So I shall keep you all posted on which cream is better & most effective. So I was going to buy additional post op bras & tummy bands, but my coo-ordinator suggested that I would be fine in the first few weeks with the garments that I receive from the hospitals. So I will keep you all posted on that as well. ok just a minor thing that i had not thought of! So 2 weeks out from surgery you are required to stop taking alot of medications & supplements. I didnt think to much of this to be honest, its pretty straight forward. EXCEPT - I have been going to the gym & the other day did a session of weights. So a few days after I am now feeling sore, lol - and normally I would use Voltaren to ease my muscles. Yep this is one medication that is listed on the "do not take" I have the following items which are supposed to be helpful- dry shampoo (incase i cant wash my hair), sanitary pads (not my preference, but I have been told that last thing you want to use is a tampon), sanitiser, face/body wipes, heat bags - oh and a heap of underpants (also not my preference as I am a G-string lover) but i have enough pairs to last a few weeks & they were cheap enough that I can through them out. Sorry If this is grossing any of you out or if i have just turned you off your dinner. oh 1 thing for those ladies that have acrylic nails. When having this surgery you cannot have acrylic nails on or have them painted. I am not sure if this is just a requirement from my surgeon or if its across the board. Pre surgery worries - yes I have had these! I ask myself am I doing the right thing spending this kind of money on myself. Am i just being vain wanting a nicer body. Will everything be ok about going overseas for this surgery. Believe me - if yo too are booking in for this kind of surgery or similar, it is totally normal to second guess yourself & have these thoughts! But i just keep looking at my pre surgery photos which puts me bak at ease Ok - I will stop now - think you've probably read enough. will keep you updated soon.
  7. Hi Sunrise I am not sure iif you are getting message. But just wandering how it all went? How your feeling? :)
  8. cosmeditour is very professional & they have a deal at the moment. Also Beauty abroad is who i opted with.
  9. Hello I am heading over to Phuket in a week and a half for this surgery. I am going with Dr Naupon for my surgery. I havent been through the procedure yet and cannot ive you any advice on what to expect etc, but I am happy to share my experiences with you so far. I went through an agency that was recommended by another person on this site. If you are looking to save money, you can book direct through the hospitals, however I understand that if you are going alone then maybe a group tour would be better - so that you are all supporting each other. do you jest need excess skin removed or are you needing the muscles done aswell?
  10. hi deb Im getting a mummy makeover - -TT, BL & BA. Sorry I dont have any experiences yet, as I am going in about 4 weeks. When are you getting your surgeries done? Happy to share what little knowledge i have about TT? Hope to hear from you
  11. So deposits are paid, flights are paid, my families holidays are paid - eeeekkkk, everything has just got real! lol Nothing to report so far. I am researching binders, so if anyone has any advice I would love to hear it! I have started eating a healthy diet & I am working out 3 days a week. I am findng it a little hard to sleep with nerves, excitment etc but I am sure over the next few weeks I will have a heap more updates & i will hopefully work out how to put my pics up lol Will keep you all posted
  12. sorry, didnt realise I had a message. Because I am going overseas my pre op apt was a little different. I hsd to send alot of pictures of my boobs, my body, my tummy etc. Once I arrive overseas I will get the opportunity with a one on one meeting with the doc. It is daunting having someone look at the parts of your body that you dont like most BUT remember that they are going to fix that for you. So my pre-op tips, I am sooooooo new at this experience I dont feel that I can give any advice, but for me, I am eating healthy, I am working out & will continue to do so till i get operated on. I have read that those who eat healthy seem to heal quicker. So thats the path I am going to try take. Besides that I am now researching everything that I am going to need for post op care - scar creams, binders, clothing etc etc.
  13. hi sunrise. I started looking at binders yesrterday. do you know the names of the garments that you bought? what binders have you all found to be the better? so everything is now booked. flights, my familys holiday & accommodation and deposit for surgery. It just got a whole lot more real. lol I also bought medihoney which is supposed to be amazing for helping the wounds heal. And a scar repair cream. For what it was worth, it should minimise the scaring the i have. If anyone has any other advice about post surgery Id love to hear it!
  14. Hello - yes I am booked in for a MM in 4 weeks. I wish I could say that I had the experience, but in all honesty I have no idea! lol I am reading up as much as i can on these forums to get advice & any tips that might help. Its funny how we can be really lose our self confidence with our bodies. Dont you know with clothes on, we probably look fine, but I completely understand what you mean about the saggy tummy, uneven boobs etc. keep us posted what you decide & how your progress goes
  15. hello - I am going in 4 weeks. so it would be great to keep in touch during this journey! Yes the photos are daunting, but honestly once you are booked in you go through stages of doubt. I have found that when I am feeling any doubt about going ahead with the op, I always look at these photos & it completely reassures me that I am making the right decision. look forward to reading all of your progress.
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