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    Breast augmentation
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    Dr Kohout 2nd of September 2016
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    5,3 55kg small B cup size
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  1. I really can't say if their gonna change anymore, I truly can't really see a difference with mine .. although I was never riding high it's quite strange but yea I'm not 100% sure that yours will change anymore ..
  2. I smoked right up until surgery and after.. although I cut back a lot but yea I did not quit
  3. Measured up as a 10E.. but went with the 12DD.. very happy with how it's all turned out ??
  4. Looking amazing @EmT happy 6 weeks xx
  5. Oh for sure, Iv even kinda planned my next surgery - or what I want anyway, I'm thinking 400cc XHP tear drops.. In 10 years or so ?
  6. Oh don't worry @EmT I have the boob greed thing going on it.. But I rekon if I went any bigger none of my nice tops would fit me no more!! Bloody dying to go bra shopping and get the girls to exactly measure me up would love to kno what I am now
  7. One month incisions .. ???
  8. Well I havnt been able to go buy any bras yet but my mum is like a D and I just tried one of her bras on - and it fit perfect it was a 14D.. although another one of her bras were a D and it was to big ... So I think in between a full C and D depending on the bra..
  9. Jesus Christ @EmT they are dead set bazookas
  10. That's weird cuz I literally took it 7 days prior to my surgery and ended up with no bruising at all, except one mark near my incision
  11. @bluegumboot mine are still sore but I'm just dealing with it..
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