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    Dr Rastogi
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    currently 162cm, 53kg, probably 12A, would like c cup not d.

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  1. Hi Lotti I had my BA with Dr Rastogi in September - couldnt be happier with the process, the consult (yes you may have to be prepared for a slight wait as they usually run late but are very friendly)- anyway the consult was great and i was basically sent home to choose out of two recommended sizes based on what i had asked for etc. I booked in within 2 weeks and got it done. Had no problems with pain, he is extremely gentle. I did use the valium afterwards but just to ensure a comfortable sleep as i have two little kids with me during the day. The results are great, just what i wanted. My hubby and family that know about it love the results and said lucky i didnt go with the bigger size option! Occasionally i get a little boobie greed and wonder if i should have but i am stoked with the results. Actually have a check up with him in a few weeks so will see what he says. Not sure about others but i do still experiece a little numbness inbetween the breasts. Apart from that no complaints. good luck, becba
  2. Setting up a new group thread moving forward sounds like a good idea so we can all 'bounce' questions etc around...
  3. [ATTACH]4022[/ATTACH] hey jamily and Billychic i showed my surgeon two pics, both attached, he had given me ptions of 275 and 330cc so i showed him both and funnily enough one was one of each basically. The one i preferred was the 275 option which is what i went with and they seem like they will settle exactly the same (still a bit swollen at moment), cheers, becba [ATTACH]4021[/ATTACH] otherwise checkout http://www.rastogi.com.au/gallery-breast-augmentation
  4. Hey - have been loving reading everyone's progress on recovery etc, i just posted two pics fromt oday (10 days post op). feeling good. becba
  5. Fitboobies - let me know re the treadmill, id be keen to do the same. BellaM - what would your opinion be about walking on the treadmill at the two week post op mark? I read something about not raising heart rate but would walking on incline be ok? Also i drank coffee up until day before op, and then straight after, so no probs. Cheers, bec
  6. Thanks FitBoobies and Mrstag, some excellent ideas. He does sleep on a mattress on the floor at daycare 2 days so im sure he woulg get over it, he will probably charge the gate down but will run it by my husbane. Other option is sleepover at mother-in-laws but hard when she has no clue what i've had done! thanks, any more ideas very welcome.
  7. Hi fitboobies - just re this post, i am also anxious as my hubby will be away this thursday through monday and i dont have others to help (particulary at bedtime and early in morning). That will be day 8-12, i have a little boy (21mths) who can climb in car on his own but issue is he is still in a leander cot and he is upstairs, we are downstairs. I was advised not to lift him in or out of the cot for at least three weeks - what do you think? I would let him sleep with me bt he is heavy and will lie all over me... Have you had to do anything similar?
  8. All the best to Platinum, PixieVibes, MissCheree for today. Just go with your heart and rest up. I enjoyed staying overnight i the hospital so i could totally rest and be relaxed. Definitely don't overdo the panadeine forte (i have only had one and i'm on day 5), but do take the valium just before rest time, you should sleep like a baby. All the best.
  9. Hey Platinum, my hospital pre-admission booklet says 'shower but do not apply powder, creams, lotions or makeup'. In saying that i travelled from canberra and had a light bit of tinted mosturiser on my face but i showed the nurse and she said that was all good.
  10. Hi Fitboobies, sounds .like its from the meds, i havent had any nausea but i havent taken any panadeine foorte, just regular panadol and one valium a day before i go to bed. Also was thinking could it be the pressure from the bra? I was advised not to wear any bra, not wven a crop top, just a singlet for 3 weeks then a soft bra, and finally an underwire from 6 weeks. Reason being they didnt want anything aggravating the incision lines and pushing boobs together - they said its better for them to heal their natural way. Who knows huh, hope you feel ok soon. Drink lots of water. x
  11. MissCheree - not long to go, so exciting! I was told to be at hosp at 11am but slept in a bed until 2pm when they were ready for me, so the food things didnt worry me too much. the enxt morning i showered and put my jeans back on no probs (forgot my leggings) and a singlet with blazer over top and a scarf (cold day). Zip up trackie type top would be fine too. Best of luck x
  12. Hi Everyone Well i am back home, stayed at the hospital in Sydney overnight so doc could see me on his rounds in the morning, then flew back to Canberra yesterday. Slept all night and didn’t wake up till this morning so that’s a good sign. In the hospital i didn’t end up going in until 2pm. Talked to the doc, showed him the pics and he said the 275 was the one in the pic that i liked and the 330 was the one in the pic of what i didn’t want, so i decided on the 275! Whilst drawing all the marks on me, he decides to tell me that he thinks i should go the 330 because it will fit well with the skin i have and also with my shoulders etc. He did say it will look similar to the pic i didn’t want with big cleavage but said it would suit me. Anyway i nearly let him decide but chickened out and went for the 275. They took me into theatre and the anaesthetist did his thing, i started to panic a little but the doc held my hand and i think i counted to 5 or 6 and was out of it, woke back up in my room. doc came in later and said how happy he was, said it was straightforward and only took an hour. Then he showed me them, no bruises, they are very swollen and seem pretty big and I’m thinking 'thank god i went with the 275'!! Nurses were great, gave me antibiotics and normal panadol and was on a drip for fluids, they advise against panadol forte unless really painful because of constipation. To be totally honest, i had no pain at all, just a little tightness and loss of range of movement in arms etc, had to be careful getting up etc. Slept all night, no pain. Got up and had a shower in the morning then doc came about 9am, i was dressed in a singlet and jeans no bra, he was very happy and i said they were perfect. He said in the next few days they will come closer together and i will end up with great cleavage, he said the fluid will go into my arms then will make me have a fat tummy for a few days then will drain out. I have a small piece of tape under each breast which he said to take off saturday in the shower. You do have to be careful because you feel good and its hard to remember not to do too much. I was initially concerned about flying home being nauseous but had no problems at all. They are definitely big - well for me anyway. I will be totally happy if they go down a little and come closer together. The photos [i am trying to upload into my album now] are taken this morning, any feedback is welcome. I think i would be freaking out if i had the 330's. My doctor was unbelievable and i truly have no pain and can just see one little bruise so far under one breast. You do get some muscle spasms but they give you valium to take home if needed which i did have one before bed last night. So now i just take it easy and wait for them to go down a little! The biggest thing for me is trying to avoid lifting my little boy in his cot/car seat... Cheers, Becba
  13. Hi blair08, thanks for the message. i will add you now so i can have a squizz! It is a tough one hey, i will give the rice sizers a go.
  14. Yes platinum if only they didn't give us a choice hey. I am going to show hima pic from his website and ask which of the two will get me to that pic without going any bigger and go from there. he did mention re something about needing 7.5cm and the 330 only gives him 7.3 but he could still do it, i think the 275 was very easy and straightforard for him but he is happy and confident to do the 330 if i wanted it.
  15. Thanks Platinum - my surgery is wed 12th hence my last minute size panic!
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