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  1. Dr Boonchai is an amazing surgeon. He did my BL/BA and extremely happy ???
  2. Hi All, 4 weeks for me Post Op and in love with my boobs. I've started massaging and using Vitamin E cream and Siltape on the Lollipop scars and they are healing very well.
  3. Good luck @Jessarnold44 Soon you'll be in the other side of boobland.....
  4. Damn @mum24 Look at your boob's!!! I'm not even checking out the rash I'm just looking at your perfection.....those incisions are just WOW!!!! Can't help with the rash though lol
  5. Hi Millz, I am on a few FB pages but there is specific ones for Thailand Cosmetic Surgery Thailand (Aus/NZ support group) Thailand Plastic & cosmetic surgery support group Dr Boonchai Plastic Surgery Forum Dr Boonchai's plastic surgery in Thailand There are real women and before and afters on there which is helpful and reassuring when deciding to go overseas.
  6. I found the first two days knocked me for six and then I started to puck up after that. You look great and treasure looks perfect ?
  7. @Aleysha What an amazing amount of weight to lose congrats to you. Can't wait to see your results. Yep definitely keep up pain relief. I had my stitches out yesterday and he put another bandage on just to protect it until I get home. Fly out at 1.30pm Bangkok time and we arrive home Saturday morning 6am and then gave to drive 3 hours to get home. It's going to be a long day/night for us. I can't wait to see my children I've missed them so much (apart from the 16 year old who can be temperamental). I've gone back to taking some pain relief for the morning boob (Fark can't wait for tha
  8. @Shimmie17 Our beautiful children are so good at sharing. Hopefully you will be okay you still have 9 days to go. I think go 390cc if going under the muscle. @PHarrison Lovely colds aren't they just great. Keep her at arms distance and you should be right ?what size are you thinking to go? @Turbopeach Good luck for tomorrow... @splendid.leigh I have woken up with sore boobs the past two mornings.....ouch not pleasant. I think me sleeping on my back is not helping ? I will have to go back to sleeping propped up because the soreness in my boob's are killing me. @KatLonsda
  9. Post op day 10 for me. Been having a play to. Photos taken today.
  10. @splendid.leigh I hope they have enough pain killers for you. Paracetamol just didn't cut it for me for the first 2 days. I'm glad they kept you in overnight. I'm glad the bleeding has stopped. @mum24 How are you feeling today m. I found each day gets better and better. I'm just taking my antibiotics now to finish up but overall feeling great. I got some stitches out on Friday but will have the rest removed on Thursday just before we fly out on Friday. I am missing the kiddies a lot. @Jessarnold44 Welcome. How exciting new boobies to replace your old ones. How many years later
  11. @Wandering Fairy Yay your on the other side... Congrats you look amazing. Definitely keep up pain meds and I had anti nausea tablets because I was vomiting on day 2 it was awful. @mum24 Glad you got it checked out. Take it easy and rest up. Can't wait to see them. @splendid.leigh Hope you are doing okay. thinking of you Working our way through February woo hoo ladies ❤
  12. HI @Ciloves I am currently in Bangkok and had surgery with Dr Boonchai 7days ago. Bird is great at organising the transfers and looking after you during the process. The FB page is great for chatting to other ladies who are going for surgery at the same time you might be going.
  13. Congrats @KatLonsdale Welcome to the other side. Glad to hear all went well. Now time to rest up lovely. @mum24 There is Alot of blood maybe worth getting checked out. I worry about moisture and infection etc on your suture wound. They look amazing by the way......they look HUGE by the way ??? Good luck @Wandering Fairy And @splendid.leigh Thinking of you both tomorrow
  14. Congrats Miss H glad to hear your on the other side ?frozen peas great idea I've got an ice pack I rotate as well ?I'm enjoying resting!!!!! Don't get that at home. Lol Good luck @KatLonsdale How exciting one more sleep for you woo-hoo ? Welcome @Turbopeach I understand your deliema of choosing the right size. Good luck with your choice hopefully your surgeon can help you make the right decision. Post op day 6 for me. Here is a before and after photo. They look so much better in real life..... I look forward to them drop and fluffing as they are sitting super high still....
  15. Feeling okay post op day 4/5 surgery was Thursday for me to. I'm icing the boobies to they feel like they are sitting high and tight. My next checkup is this Friday 4 days away and I'm excited to get the bandages changed so I can see the nipples and scarring. I can feel my right nipple under the bandage so that's really exciting for me. I am just taking antibiotics and a general painkiller which seems to be going okay for the pain. I'm not really in pain it's more tightness in my chest from the implant. I will update with more photos on Friday ☺
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