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    Breast Augmentation
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    Dr Teerasit @ Bumrungrad. 29 September 2012
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    5163cm - 50kg - 10A
  1. Hi ladies, I am 5 weeks post op and am concerned about the shape of my right breast and want a general check up with a PS at home to discuss it. Does anyone know of a PS in Perth who isn't judgemental and prejudiced to those who have has surgery overseas? Thanks xx
  2. That's so lucky chacha! I knew my family GP would probably be judgemental, so I saw a nurse practitioner who works from a pharmacy when I needed some antibiotics. She was absolutely great, and since they don't keep a file on you they don't feel the need to ask detailed history. She even said the surgeon had done a great job. And she recommended a silicone gel and showed me how to apply it!
  3. Hi ladies, Still struggling with this mis shapen right boob. Apparently I am waiting for the 'drop and fluff' and my more dominant muscle is holding on tightly. I found another forum entry where someone is having the exact same problem as me, which made me feel a lot better. http://www.justbreastimplants.com/forum/breast-augmentation-complications/69151-there-still-pretty-firm-after-5-weeks.html Also, I had to do a course of antibiotics because I had a minor skin irritation in my right incision (possibly caused by spray tan...oops) but that's on track now. I started taking a supplement of wheat grass, chlorella and spirulina which is meant to promote healing after reading a recommendation somewhere.
  4. Thanks ladies for your support. I have done a bit of research and I think it is 'frankenboob' I am just so impatient for them to be perfect.
  5. Hi everyone, I am 2 weeks post surgery and can see a substantial amount of implant distortion on my right side. I had partial submuscular placement of 350cc HP mentor silicone cohesive. I have more pain on that right side, probably because I am predominantly right handed and find it hard to take it easy. The distortion is all the time, not only when using my arm, and i assume it is the pec muscle digging into the implant. I am hoping that once the swelling subsides this will go away. Has anyone got similar experience they can share that will ease my worries?
  6. My left breast is finally dropping! 2 weeks of band wearing. My right implant looks a little misshapen though this is a combination of the sub muscular placement and swelling. Apparently it can take up to 6 weeks for all the swelling to dissipate and the muscle to settle over the implant. I think my right pectoral is a lot more developed (being predominantly right handed). From the looks of my left breast, a lot off the 'swelling' has gone down, but this relates to how hard it feels. the size of the actual boob is the same as day 1 post surgery but it is much softer. I was aiming for a C cup and am sitting at an 8E or 10DD! Lucky I didn't get boob greed and go bigger than I thought.
  7. Everyone is different so it fully depends on how quickly they drop. I am 2 weeks post surgery and I still need to wear it to get the lefty down (it's really bugging me, it hasn't budged!) but I don't wear it if I am going out or something! I wouldn't plan on being ready to wear normal clothes, 2 weeks out you will still have tape and patches over the incisions which are very obvious through clothes!
  8. Stephvale I opted for nipple incision as he uses dissolvable stitches which don't need removing. After reading about the attitude of Aussie doctors to Thai surgery I didn't want to go for crease and have to face my GP. Recovery has been fine, I had full arm movement from Day 2. A little bit achey but I was able to stop taking painkillers a few days after surgery. The only annoying thing now is waiting for them to drop at the same time! Right is goig faster than left. But I'm only 10 days post surgery... Good luck booking, Dr T is fantastic.
  9. Hi Lexie44light Sorry about my late response! Regarding my size choice, I always had 350 in my head. Teerasit doesn't help with your sizing, his wife Juree does that. You tell her what size you want, put on a bra in that size and then play with the implants til you fill it! What are the drains? I do have to wear the strap, it not so much uncomfortable as annoying, so hard to hide under clothes! I had some post surgery bras, they really helped me because u went from no boobs to decent ones. It was a big change. In total the of cost me $4000 - the extra 270 baht as I checked out of hospital was incidental, $9 or something. Flights and accom was $1300 and my insurance $350. All up, so much cheaper than Aus. I've shown my boobs to my friends back home and they are so impressed. One is more swollen but has dropped quicker than the other, but they will even up soon I'm sure!
  10. I stayed at the president solitaire, it's walking distance to Bumrungrad but they also have a free shuttle and the rooms are quite large so you won't feel cooped up when you're on bed rest. The facilities are quite old but still functional. I would highly recommend Dr Teerasit, he is amazing. Good luck with it all and congrats for working up the courage!
  11. Hi guys, Has anyone had any issues getting their post surgery meds through customs? I was given rohypnol and tramadol and am flying home 5 days post surgery and hope they don't take it off me at the border. Anyon have any experiences to share?
  12. Hi DGKelly, The surgery went fine, no complications or anything. I would highly recommend Dr Teerasit at Bumrungrad. Is there anything specific you want to know?
  13. Hi Rose2704 I had my surgery on Saturday at Bumrungrad and I paid AUD cash. If you pay by card at BUmrungrad they will charge you in AUD which is handy as you avoid the bad exchange rate set by your bank, however it isn't as good as if you pay cash (by 128k surgery cost me $4000 in cash and my friend paid on card and it was $4150 because of the rate) I felt a little uneasy carrying that much cash but you can use a money belt or just keep I'm with you at all times and you should be fine. Good luck
  14. Hi all, Surgery done and dusted. Would have updated earlier but there has been some problem with the forum web page. So after being admitted to hospital I was set up in the bed with a drip and lay around for 2 hours waiting for doctor T to come and draw on me. The anaesthetist came and spoke with me and I mentioned that previous surgeries had made me nauseous so she put something in my drip to fix that. Next minute I'm being wheeled out into the OR and strapped down to the bed. It's all very strange but that's the last thing I remember. I woke up in recovery and the first thing I did was ask for pain relief which was quickly given. I can't speak highly enough about the nurses, they are so sweet and caring. I lay In my room pretty out of it waiting for my friend who has her surgery directly after mine with dr T. She got wheeled in and we lay there having whacked out conversations with each other. The morphine they give you made me so nauseous so I kept needing more injections to stop me spewing (which is torture with new boobs). The nurses will bring you meals in but let me tell you, the last thing you feel like doing is eating. I had a few soft drinks which perked me up. And there is wifi in the room so I made a few calls to friends/family/boyfriend which I have no memory of! I had a lot of trouble peeing after surgery (probably because they made me use a bedpan - ew) so at one stage I had 3 nurses escort me to the bathroom and cheer me on. They all started clapping when I finally peed it was so cute! I was so glad for sharing a room with my friend, got a bit boring otherwise. We were discharged around 5pm the next day. I had to pay an additional 270baht in med charged, I think for the anti nausea shots. In the take home meds they give you antibiotics, anti nausea tabs, pain killers and rohypnol (for sleeping) my friend was also given a bottle of mouthwash...? The rohypnol doesn't make you sleep for long, maybe 4 hours tops and the pain killers (I got given tramadol and my friend got paracetamol and codeine, which is weird that we had different) aren't super strong. I brought mersyndol from home which I would highly recommended as it is just OTC and works a dream for pain and sleeping. Also, I suggest bringing two sets of ice packs for your room, so that when one gets warms you can put another straight on. Hmmmm I can't think of anything else to add just yet. Watch out for 'boob farts' when you move around you get there gurgling noises from your boobs haha. Tried to go for a little walk yesterday (day 2) and was exhausted by it. But it was nice to be out of the room. The pain hasn't been too bad at all, and I have had no trouble moving around, picking things up or getting out of bed (but I have strong stomach muscles thanks to Pilates) Make sure you bring laxatives, and pack you room fridge with little snacks to take your antibiotics with. Oh, the boobs - how could I forget to mention them? I have 350CC smooth high profile gel through areolar incision. They are very swollen at the moment but I'm so happy so far. One more swollen than the other but I've been taking the arnica to try and get the swelling down. Looking forward to doing some bra shopping before I leave so that I have one or two nice things to wear when I get home. It's 4AM in Bangkok and I'm just typing this as I woke up to change ice packs, so if I've left anything out that you want to know about just ask me
  15. Hi Mrs-D I paid in AUD which is what I would suggest. You could transfer it to baht at a bank over here but I found it easier to use the currency which I am familiar with, especially when the exchange rate Bumrungrad offers is on par with the thai banks. I did feel a little anxious flying here with so much cash in my bag, but I had no issues at all. I am happy to help if you have any more questions, ask away:)
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