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  1. Hey ladies! You all look fab! Sorry I haven't been on here much lately, i've been busy packing up the house to move across the country! Haha. I'm 3 weeks post op tomorrow, and everything is pretty much back to normal! I've been painting the house, gardening, hanging out at the beach (although not properly swimming), resumed walking for exercise (I used to run, but it's too soon). The only thing i'm not doing is picking up my son, and even then, i've been quickly lifting him occasionally. I really think it's because I did so much resting the first week though, that I had such a good recovery. I'm looking forward to bra shopping, just for something different! lol. Although when I have tried to squeeze my boobs into bra's, they haven't moulded very well, so it might be a while yet.
  2. Yay @anna6 welcome to the boobie side! I hope you are feeling better now. @rebeccalee looking great! I saw my PS's nurse yesterday, and she gave me some kelocote silicone scar gel, which I can start using at 6 weeks. For now i've got to use micropore tape for the next 4 weeks. I'm feeling great, I started back at light exercise today, just took the dog for a walk, but it was so nice to feel like i'm doing something, because i've been feeling a bit pudgy since the op!
  3. @taylorm I'm not sure, we haven't gone over scar stuff yet. I'm sure Dr M will recommend something when it's time? @rebeccalee yay for early surgery! So exciting, it's close now!! @KW1988 woo hoo! I'm measuring a 12E at the moment, but in clothes my boobs basically look the same as when I was wearing a padded bra. No one has noticed at all, even though they are MASSIVE when I'm naked. Which is exactly what I wanted. I just think it's so funny that I got 500cc and not one person has noticed ? @Haylo*** Yay!!! So freaking exciting. Can't wait to see how you do! @anna6 I can't wait to see what they recommend for you. It's going to fly, you'all be in surgery before you know it! @Geripix how weird, and rude!!! I've had literally no one notice, and my boobs are huge ? That must be frustrating for you. @Millicent it hasn't come up for me yet, but I'm just planning on saying I'm wearing a killer bra ?? Im 10 days post op today, and it's my first day looking after the kids on my own. I basically feel totally normal! No more pain meds, not even panadol, did some mild guiding my 2 year old down from his high chair, in and out of the shower, etc, and managed to look after him and my 3 year old no problem. I'm so much better than I thought id be! Sleeping flat-ish now, spending a little time sleeping on my sides, still wearing this annoying strap, but otherwise all good! How is everyone else doing?
  4. It's so horrible. I'm taking a 10 (or 20 or 30) minute break. I didn't realise how good I had it without the strap. It's cutting into my skin under my arms :-O
  5. He just touched them on top and said hmm, put some compression on them (to the nurse) and she gave me the strap. I don't even feel like mine are that high, but he lowered my crease, so I guess he wants them to drop into the pocket properly. I spoke to the nurse about the shooting pains, and she said the best thing you can do is flick (with your finger) where the pain is to try an desensitise the nerve, and also massage when you can. Its actually been helping great so far.
  6. Welcome @Saljo & @Lozzajo! I hope you are feeling ok @Lozzajo, congratulations on your new girls! @Maddi101 I'd just bring some ice packs, and maybe a travel neck pillow, so you can rest. Otherwise I wasn't too uncomfortable in the car. I saw my surgeon today, and he was super pleased with how everything is going, but now i'm in the strap of death :-O It's an elastic strap that sits on top of your breasts, tight around your chest, to help push them down into the pocket. It's been 3.5 hours and i'm already dying. I have to wear it as much as possible for the next week :-O Fun times! Other than that, my scars are looking great, and I go back and see them next week.
  7. My left boob is bigger, more swollen, and generally more uncomfortable, although i've been getting shooting pains in my right lately. I'm right handed, so I expected my right to be worse, but it's definitely been the left one. Leftie is taking longer to drop too.
  8. Hey ladies, how are we going? I ventured out to the shops this morning for a couple of hours with my husband and my kids, which was nice to get out of the house. Except that my daughter tripped over my foot at one point, and I reflexively stuck out my hand to stop her falling. That hurt ? Otherwise I'm good. Just down to panadol and Celebrex, and considering having a glass of wine soon ? We've got a busy day tomorrow, car getting serviced, real estate agent coming to assess the house, need to get some packing done ? So I guess that'll be a good test of my recovery, and then Thursday will be my one week post op appointment with the surgeon! Things are going so quickly now. Girls with unders, do you think you'look get bigger because of fluffing, or smaller once the swelling goes? It's so hard to know what to expect next :-/
  9. Hey! Welcome and good luck @KW1988 it was a LOT easier than I thought it would be, you'll be absolutely fine. I'm so so so happy I got it done. Who are you going with / what size?
  10. Really good @Excited33 I'm finding the recovery process much easier than I anticipated, which is nice. Although I have basically been lying in bed watching Gilmore Girls, but I NEVER get to do that, so i'm trying to make the most of it! I was really tired today, but I think that's to be expected. Overall though, super happy. Glad you are feeling good too!!! How is everyone else? Are you feeling less sick now @taylorm?
  11. @Haylo*** I would say loose clothing. I can get t-shirts on by myself no problems, but I hear other people can't, so it will depend entirely on your own mobility. I'd pack some button up shirts, and loose shorts to be on the safe side. Any flowy, loose dresses, as long as they are easy to get on and off. Try and do the t-rex test. Keep your upper arms pinned to your sides, and just use your hands and forearms to try and dress. So worst case scenario, you know what you can get on and off by yourself.
  12. Lol, no you don't, it just means that I have been in this position / greatly uncomfortable before. If you get totally stuck, they sell these pillows at Babies R Us, and they do make life so much more comfortable. Good job on just using Panadol and nurofen! You trooper.
  13. It's the full body pregnancy pillow. I have a Euro pillow, then 2 normal pillows, and a long bolster typer pillow, THEN my full body pregnancy pillow on top. The tail of the full body pillow prevents me from sliding down, and the top of it acts like a travel neck pillow for me to rest my head on. And then I can also slightly angle my bottom on one side, and then the other, to prevent a sore tail bone. I'm also an expert at building pillow forts, as this is how I have to sleep when I have a bad cold (Asthma and I can't breathe) Or after both my c-sections for like, 6 weeks each. I'm practised, and have good equipment. How are the boobs feeling today? Mine are good, i'm definitely tailing down my meds today. Just panadol and one tramadol and celebrex today so far, no targin, or endone. Also, way to TMI, but I managed to do a number 2 this morning as well, which is great because I was getting bloated and stomach cramps. I am getting the Mum guilts though. My daughter cried when I said I couldn't come to the park with them today. My husband has been so good, and is taking them out to keep them occupied, but I think she really misses me, and that's hard. My son doesn't really care, he comes in waves hello, gives me a kiss, and runs off again, lol.
  14. My pillow fort is amazing, so my back is actually great (sorry guys!) I had an awesome night sleep last night, and didnt need to take any pain relief overnight, which is great. I had a little bit of morning boob this morning though, which was interesting. Probably only going to get worse as time goes on.
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