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  1. I was actually thinking last night... Wouldn't it be good to go with someone also getting surgery from this forum for company! And thanks for the suggestion MumO5, but December wouldn't work well for me as I've got so much on over Xmas and Jan months that I wouldn't be able to give my body enough recovery time (going away to visit family and then away with kids and friends). I'm toying with the idea of mid February or May though!
  2. Thank you for your response Bushlander! Yes, that does actually sound appealing, proper time recovering without children or domestic chores. I guess I'm just nervous of the unknown! But it seems like it's quite a common choice for us Aussie mums (to go to Thailand) due to the costs over here...especially since the change by medicare. I'm starting to become more convinced... I will do some more research in this area. Thanks again for your feedback!
  3. Jen Mc you look amazing, well done! I'll check out Lily Vrtik for sure. Thanks for the recommendation Those costs sound good...was that after any rebates? Even though I have really bad muscle separation and hernia I'm certain I won't qualify for any rebates. Thanks mumO5!...I haven't ruled out overseas, but due to husband's work and age of kids I can't imagine a family holiday to Thailand would be on the cards for a few years, (esp the state i'll be in on the way home) and I would be really nervous to go over solo!
  4. Hi Teaz213, I haven't yet had consults with these two..but they're on my short list. How did your consult go? did you end up going with Alys?
  5. Hi Ladies, I'm just hoping for some feedback on costs of your Tummy Tuck surgeries and length of stay needed in hospital. Financially I don't want to stay in hospital at all after the surgery...it's just so crazy expensive on top of an already expensive procedure. However, I do actually WANT to stay in hospital (away from the 3 kids) so I can recover properly. Champagne taste beer budget! I am yet to have an initial appointment with any Plastic Surgeons yet (I'm in Brisbane)... but I'm not sure if certain plastic surgeons use more expensive hospitals, or force you to stay in longer etc... I've been quoted roughly over the phone $19,000 inclusive of a 7 night stay. YIKES! I've got pretty bad diastasis recti up to my ribs, an an umbilical hernia so it won't be just a mini tummy tuck either. So would love to hear if you've seen a plastic surgeon and NOT stayed in for more than one night... Was it manageable? Has anyone managed to find a TT for under $13k including several nights in hospital in Brisbane? (after this ridiculous new 'abdominoplasy is not deemed medical' change from medicare?) Also, any feedback on Anthony Kane, Paul Belt, Alys Saylor or Susan O'Mahony? Thanks in advance!
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