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  1. Hi Girls, Sorry about not posting before this, had a complication that was a bit unexpected. I had a reaction to the painkiller fentenyl they gave me which has put me out of action since the op. being in a foreign country it took them ages to work out why I was acting like I was (uncontrollable shaking, restless, hot, sweaty, couldn't stop crying). They now have me sedated and after another night in hospital tonight, I'm flying straight home tomorrow to go to my own Dr. On the plus side, I'm so happy with the result! I was expecting to get a small vertical scar as I didn't have much excess skin cause it was the separated muscles that were my problem. But he has used internal stitches everywhere except the belly button which has lots of tiny stitches that I need my own Dr to take out in another 7 days. Need to catch a taxi from the hospital at 4:30am tomorrow eeek! I feel great apart from the med reaction, only using panadol now as a pain killer. Swapped to my own compression pants tonight and they provide so much more support than the wrap they give you in surgery. Bit bummed about not having my 8 day hotel stay to recover without responsibilites and the shopping I had planned. Everyone will just have to be happy with gifts from the airport and having me home earlier! I will post pics when I get home cause on the ipad atm. Goodluck to Sydneymum and Flyazzz for tomorrow xx
  2. Hi fellow tummy tuckers! Well tomorrow I fly out to Bangkok and will get taken straight to the hospital ready for my op on Thursday! So nervous and excited that I feel sick.... Trying to pack everything I can possibly think of cause don't want to be stuck without something, not as if I can just run down to the local shop to buy it after surgery lol. Will let you all know how I go cause taking both my ipad and laptop! Both the hospital and hotel have free wifi so will be online frequently
  3. Hi Girls I'm also on the other list but thanks for creating one just for us! I fly out in only 8 days with the op in 9 days (Oct 4) eeek!
  4. I researched as much as I could about him but I guess I just need to trust that he knows his job and it will turn out well! I'd love to keep in touch and maybe we could meet up in Bangkok for a coffee? Seeing how after the op I can't have anything stronger lol xx
  5. Hi rubii I have a TT booked for 4/10 at Yanhee in Bangkok with Dr Somsak. I booked my own airfares (found it cheapest to go to the actual airline's webpage and book through them than an agent's webpage!), but booked my surgery and hotel through Surgery Getaways. I spoke on the phone with the owner Catherine for about 45 mins and she was so helpful, it cost me $150 to use her service, but am definitely saving more than that with the discount I'm receiving with the accom as she gets a special rate for her customers at the Golden Tulip Sovereign Hotel (2000 BHT a night instead of 7500 BHT a night). I'm going over alone and only been o/s once before so wanted someone I could phone for advice whenever I needed it. I have her mobile number and she said when I feel teary after the op (apparently everyone does after a TT...) and can't contact any friends or family to give her a call. As for Dr Somsak, I asked why him, and she said she had seen his work and admired it. She also said he has a wicked sense of humour, but it felt like I could trust her choice. Only 10 days to go so will find out soon if I've made the right decision!
  6. Hi girls, I have a similar story - the ultrasound showed the separation and also an umbilical hernia. Problem is my youngest is nearly 6 so couldn't understand why it happened suddenly now! After going through other procedures to rule out something more sinister (colonoscopy, gastroscopy, abdominal CT scan, etc - I have a very thorough GP!) I asked to be referred to a PS cause the GP said it was "just fat" and I wanted another opinion. The PS took one look at me and said my muscles have separated and I need a TT to fix it. Unfortunately to get this done in Perth it is over $13k so researched o/s surgery options. Now I leave in 15 days!!! Oh and the reason why it suddenly popped out now.... I started at the gym Xx
  7. Tip to everyone getting blood tests done - drink lots of water beforehand! Makes it so much easier for us to get blood out of you lol (yes I'm a vampire!) The job makes it so much worse though when I get blood tests and drips inserted cause I feel like telling them I'd rather do it myself sometimes....
  8. Hi becczo, Sounds great! I'll let you know what the hospital is like too xx
  9. Thanks Lozz for adding me getting nervous but so excited at the same time! Wish it was tomorrow not 3 weeks away though, I don't know how well I'm going to sleep the week before the op lol. Anyone else almost packed already??
  10. Hi All, Just wondering if there is anyone getting their surgery at Yanhee Hospital around the 4/10? I'm booked in to get a tummy tuck with Dr Somsak on that date but am going alone so was wondering if anyone else was going to be there so we could catch up! Also I've booked with Surgery Getaways and they seem really nice and helpful so far but was wondering if anyone else has used them? Thanks xx
  11. Hi All, I read some advice regarding knickers in all my research so far (wish these next 3 weeks would hurry up!) and they said to buy the cheap full sized cotton knickers a size larger than you would usually buy and wear 2 pairs and tuck the drains in between them! Not sure how helpful this advice is because I haven't had the surgery yet but hoping it's good!
  12. Congrats heather! I have my surgery booked in just over 3 weeks so look forward to reading your posts... A bit nervous but so excited to stop looking 6 months pregnant at the same time
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