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    385cc under muscle. Textured silicone. HP
    Saggy deflated boobs post having a child.
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    22nd June 2016
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  1. HI there, Looking for well priced injectables in the city. I have had my lips filled only once in the city and it cost me $400. The product lasted only 1 month. I went back and complained (nicely). They did nothing. Not happy at all. So I'm looking for another injector. This time I want Juvederm Plus as I heard it lasts a long time. I see it advertised in the Gold Coast for $520. Does anyone know of someone in Bris City that does it for around the same price? Kindest regards jax
  2. @Shygirl79 it's hard to tell from that angle. I too tried to take a photo like that and my gap looked huge. I can't squish my boobs together, they don't sit very close either. Pre implants, I used to be able to get a cleavage with a push up bra but I can't now. I'm not complaining of course. It's just something I have to get used to. I'm sure in time, both of our breasts will soften and drop & fluff and will come better.
  3. Before and after. These photos were taken roughly 5 weeks post op. They have dropped a tiny bit more. But it's just to give u an idea. I still have a tight band on the bottom of my right breast which may need revision surgery. I'm praying it improves. I cannot afford to pay. Also emotionally not wanting to go through it all again.
  4. Everyone heals at different rates. I am still struggling & I'm 5 wks PO today. I am still numb underneath and my nipples still feels like someone has been scratching at them at with sand paper. They are still very sensitive. To me personally, I think they have dropped a bit by looking at the pictures. Try not to stress. We all heal at different rates @Shygirl79
  5. I was wondering about abs etc. The nurse said it was fine to head back to the gym (at 3-4 weeks but with no weights), but I know my body and there was no way I was going to head back. You are doing EXACTLY the right thing. You are listening to your body and you know if in doubt, not to. I need to start squats & lunges ASAP! I have already lost my booty. 6 weeks of zero gym & fitness has really just taken affect. But I have wanted to heal. I am a slow healer. Even if it's at home without weights, I need to start something. I'll steer clear of the ab workouts until I feel 100% healed. I'm 5 weeks PO today and I've had this set back with this dent/ridge which I think is scar tissue related, so I'm happy to wait atleast another few weeks before heading back. Maybe I'll start by doing incline on treadmill. Walking is good. Do you feel heaps better for working out again? I miss feeling fit LOL. @Fitmummaof3
  6. Thank you gorgeous. I'm ok It's just the 'waiting & watching' bit which is very frustrating. But there is nothing that I can do. Literally just wait. LOL. Well done on getting back into the gym. I feel ever so guilty about not getting back there yet. It's literally eating me up inside. I haven't been doing any exercise admittedly. To be completely honest. I have been so worried about doing damage. I must take a page out of your book and get my backside back there. I used to go 4 times a week (in my lunch breaks). Even if it was for 1/2 an hour, I'd go. But I never did cardio. Just weights. So I have no idea what I could do safely. Do you think squats would be ok yet? And yes I accidentally flexed my pecs yesterday and it was the weirdest, grossest (not sure that's a word) sensation ever! I hope we get used to it. It didn't hurt much but It felt horrid! ha! @Fitmummaof3
  7. Thank you lovely @D e I honestly cried and slept zero from stressing.... so much money etc. Please send positive healing vibes my way. ? Don't forget they still need to maybe drop and then get a bit more squishy. So it will make a difference. They r a very lovely shape. ?
  8. @Shygirl79 The surgeon rang me and basically wasn't worried. He pretty much said that it's not a 'classic double bubble' and that it's not something he needs to worry about yet. We just have to 'watch and wait'. If surgery needs to be done, we will have a look at it in 6 months time. I'm praying it will get better. But there is nothing, I mean NOTHING I can do about it. Watch and wait. FML
  9. Thank you, yours look sensational. So jelly @Shygirl79
  10. Yep, I sent pics to surgeon, feeling sick in the stomach waiting for him to call at 1:30pm. Worst thing ever. @Shygirl79
  11. I had no sleep last night at all. Worried sick about something I noticed yesterday on my right breast down the bottom. I hadn't seen it before and i thoroughly check my breasts. I have been 100% fastidious with after care. I'm so scared I have formed a double bubble. I will be 5 weeks PO this Wednesday.
  12. They look sensational and happy 1 month! May I please ask where u got the ck crops from? They look comfortable ad @MermaidUnicorn ?
  13. Ha ha yup! Mine have been hidden. No one at work can even tell I have had surgery. Due to the flattening affect of the compression bra and also the winter coats over the top. It's impossible to tell. I've been hunching over due to the new sensations and pain and also as a reflect action to protect them. Ha ha. Hopefully by the time it gets warmer I will be ready. @Shygirl79 ??
  14. @Shygirl79 8D! Woooot! U go girl. I'm glad u r smiling. So happy u r feeling better. U should be proud!
  15. Here's a weird one for u. Check out how different my healing process is going between lefty and right ? One boob is like an alien and the other is totally different. One is softer and the other swollen one is hard. P.S. My sternum is really sore today. Yesterday had a meltdown.
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