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  1. Based on your level of immaturity I'm going to make the presumption that your not even of age to have your breasts augmented maybe wait a few years, I'd hate to think how you'd react if your surgeon told you something you didn't want to hear or if something went wrong. This is not the attitude to have, I hope you found some satisfaction in the fact that a lot of us replied to this thread
  2. It took me 6 months but my whole income is disposable bc I live at hm, I didn't budget at all just used what was left over. If u want to use the remainder of your family payments to save for your ba I say go for it as long as the kids come first like u said.
  3. Maybe you should try posting this in the overseas surgery section..good luck!
  4. Well said kylie, it was good having you on here in the meantime anyway..see you on the outside
  5. I think what your asking is because I only eat organic chemical free etc when I do get implants put in do u think my body will react negatively because it's not accustomed to chemicals etc like other people who eat whatever. Am I correct in saying this? I get where your concern is coming from but I don't think it will matter whatsoever if your body is going to reject it it will wether you have been eating normally or organic chemical free etc. I really don't think it's like kids whose parents are germ freaks then they go out into the world and are allergic to everything if that's where you got the idea.
  6. Firstly let me start off by saying I hate you hahaha...and no you wont look like a pornstar unless thats what you request you can get a small implant because you already have a lot of breast tissue or perhaps this can be corrected with a lift
  7. All I gotta say is I got 99 problems and this forum ain't 1
  8. Yes your right very true, being a model would suck sometimes having to get the ok first. and I love Kate Upton she was my boobspiration!
  9. i dont think compression stockings are necessary for any flight under 5 hours, at $40 a pop its just not worth it, i wear them everyday just to minimise the possibility of varicose veins but i fly 12 hrs a day usually. A 2 hour flight isnt going to do anything to you just take your meds before the flight have your icepacks for the pain that you would have felt on the ground anyway...and sleep, you dont even need to get up and walk around for a 2 hr flight, you will not swell up on a 2 hr flight. When people come up to the galley and stretch on an hour flight it infuriates the hell out of me lol im thinking oh stop being melodramatic just sit down haha, just think of it as a car trip if you wouldnt need to get out of the car and move around after 2 hrs then you dont need to either on the aircraft. I suggest boarding first or last as people are jerks and could bump into you during boarding and yes dont lift any bags.
  10. omg scratch what I said about instrumental hallelujah you have to walk down the isle to des'ree kissing you..its from the romeo and juliet movie so beautiful x
  11. Interesting I am yet to come across anyone on here who has said ive gone too big im trying to make them look small, if your out there reveal yourself haha
  12. The girl with the nipple oh.em.gee put it away! towards the end they cant even find bras that fit them, especially the white bikini top that only covered half, and the lifegaurd tee that was all stretched out! its weird how some are big big big implants yet they still look normal on some yet downright RIDIC on others.The one with the short blonde hair was loving herself sick haha! Anyone notice the aussie bikini top too? Thanks for sharing this was so entertaining... i think this thread will be useful when i start getting too much boobie greed this could reverse it haha!
  13. yep he wants dinner and a show just ignore him...i get that comment all the time because i used to wear insanely padded bras and because my work uniform is also huge on me..when i have them up and out though they notice...he sounds like a f'ing tool 'i was going to treat you nice' F#### OFF!
  14. I would take maybe one or 2 in at the end of the day the surgeon cant make your boobs the same because its not the same starting point, you can only use the pictures to help describe the features that you like to your surgeon eg close cleavage, upper pole fullness etc. I have a MASSIVE needle phobia seriously i freak the F out i brought it up in my first consult thats how crazy i am haha! anyway they gased me instead thank the lord, would gasing help as you dont have to count back, plus the gas is really relaxing. Basically they gas you and your so high you dont even know what theyre doing to you but really theyre putting the cannula in and inserting the anesthesia. NEK MINNIT your done! too easy!
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