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    Lol a areola reduction damn autocorrect how funny!
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    Ive had my BA by Dr Miroshnik, and mine was reconstructive surgery that included a breast lift and Im over the moon with my results, so if your having a BA you will definitely be in the right hands with dr Miroshnik, his work is amazing and he is such a genuinely nice down to earth and caring man. Ive done threads about my consultation experiences with syd surgeons and my surgery/recovery with dr.miroshnik. just go to my profile it will be under started threads (under avatar). He also has both implants you mentioned and he will talk you through both and advise what is best for you as everybody is different..I have teardrop cohesive silicone and they look natural but theyre still quite firm but thats to be expected as im only 1 month post op they get softer...teardrops are definitely the more natural looking implant as it mimics a natural breast slope...good luck. PM me if you have any questions xx
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    Hi I went to see the doctor you mentioned wanting to see regarding tuberous breasts and my right breast is considered stage 2 (out of 4) so moderately tuberous which means I also need a Benelli breast lift (cutting around the nipple and lifting, no 'lollipop' scar that u would get in a breast reduction or bigger lift) and he also wants to create a inframammary incision to place the implant because apparently entering the implant via the nipple creates higher risks if infection and capsular contracture. I am going to have second oponions with dr miroshnik and Mr.Mark Ashton so friend me and I'll keep you posted. Also I was quoted around 15k all up because I also require a lift but I think I'll get some of it back through Medicare and my health insurance as I have top cover so in guessing it will be around the 12-13 mark. He said I should go between 315cc-350cc teardrop. This site is a gem you'll find there's heaps of tuberous girls on here so you won't feel in the dark for long good luck and let me know how you go with the docs you plan to see
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    So I had my last consult with a Melbournian surgeon who is known as one of the best btw, another major disappointment. Firstly I had to wait 2 and a half hours after my actual appt time, not a great first impression. When I met the surgeon it felt like a visit to my local medical centre he seemed bored and it was very straight to the point, he really didn’t make the personal effort that Michael did. He told me that my condition was very rare and that he only performs this type of surgery about once a year (not comforting to know), he wanted to take the exact same approach as the first surgeon except I could choose either round or teardrop implants and I could choose any size I wanted. This rang alarm bells in my head because obviously you want their opinion and it also told me that he was not opposed to a fake look. When I asked him what do you suggest he said it’s up to you what kind of look you want, when he said this I dropped the subject all together I didn’t want to know anymore I was after someone with a bit more input. I also asked about putting the implant in just via the nipple and he said he doesn’t do that because it’s much ‘easier’ for the surgeon to release the constriction in the lower pole if he goes in via the fold and that the results would be much more predictable that way. He told me the way he wanted to perform the surgery was a new technique that most surgeons aren’t up to date with (didn’t sound right to me).He then gave me a medical journal article about tuberous breasts that was so full of medical terms it made absolutely no sense to me it also had heaps of really scary photos of the procedure being done. I was not given a quote and was told it would be emailed to me, 3 weeks later I still had no quote and I had to phone them 4 times to remind them until I actually got it which I think was 5 and a half weeks later.

    Obviously after this I had some questions for Michael, he confirmed that yes it is ‘easier’ to go via the fold for the surgeon but that he is confident that he can release the constricted lower pole internally. He also told me that the aforementioned technique was in no way new and had been around for over 50 years and is the original technique that is somewhat old school. That was it I booked with Michael and never looked back it was the best decision I ever made, I was so sure I had made the right choice and I wasn’t wrong.

    If you visit the link below you can see pictures of Dr. Michael Miroshnik’s work where he performs breast lifts and implants (so you get to see what the nipple scars will look like, just ignore the lollypop scar because from my understanding that probably wont apply to you if you are tuberous). I’ve also got my post op results up on my profile and I’ll have to email Michael to send me my pre op pics as I didn’t DARE take any photos beforehand as I didn’t even want to look at them!

    Here’s the number if you want to make a booking with Dr. Miroshnik as well:
    (02) 9389 8108 (Local)
    1300 88 90 50 (Interstate)

    If you would like to hear my pre surgery and recovery experience please see post below
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