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  1. Great choice, exciting times!! Let the count down begin!
  2. Oh yay @Honeycakes, so glad to hear you are finally on the boobie side! Glad it all went well and good luck with the recovery. 1st week is a blur, but it gets better from there. I'm now almost 9 weeks and its like they have always been mine- it's hard to remember not having boobs. Although I went to my 2 month post op appointment with Dr M this week and he did remind me of what I left behind thanks to his GIANT computer screen. Look after yourself and try and take it easy. You boobs will certainly change and only look better every week.
  3. It was between $12- 13k all up.... So u would have to add a weeks accommodation in sydney (think the quest near the surgery and Dr M's office is $150ish a night plus flights.
  4. I was an A Cup before BA and 1 month post op I look like I'm a 12C. Dr M gave me 2 medium carfix Anna's which have been great.
  5. Hey, I'm 1 month post op with Dr M and couldn't be happier! Lots of girls travel up to see him from Victoria. Good luck with your search!
  6. Certainly not squishy by any means yet! And only 3 1/2 weeks so just doing lower body bodyweight stuff like squats, lunges, step ups etc... and some light cardio. Don't think I'll ever do a push up again!
  7. @Suziet, your looking great, I think they are a good size for your body. I'm like you in that I look the same in clothing and no one would notice any change from my padded bras. It's a different story in a singlet top or swimming costume though. I'm really happy with my size though and think they are in proportion. I also like that I look the same at work etc, where I don't want people being all gossipy!! I'm 3 1/2 weeks post op and sleeping flat on my back and on my sides cuddling a small pillow for support. Certainly need the bra at night for support at this stage, plus Dr M wants it on for at night for a while yet. Got my first Sports bra last week so I can get back into some exercise again. Was fun bra shopping with actual boobs... Whole new experience!! Gave it aago today and it was great. So good to get moving again!
  8. I went to Bondi junction private. I guess he could hang in your room... My hubby went and saw a movie in Gold class instead! Lol. plenty of shops etc to keep him entertained. I just left my handbag in my room....
  9. My hubby didn't come either, couldn't work it logistically with kids etc and it was better that way anyway. Much more fun with Dr M grabbing your boobs without hubby there!! Lol.
  10. Oh I need those Black Seafollys! I'm clear to sleep on sides from 2 weeks so been trying for the last 3 nights. Can do it here and there for a little bit but not all night ..
  11. Just checked out your pics @Suziet... I hope they even up for you, they are very different at the moment. Did your PS say to just give it more time to even up? It's hard not to stress though in the mean time. Big hugs, fingers crossed they sort themselves out. X
  12. Hey @BrowArtist, yep I've had 2 kids and BF both for 15 months each. That along with a fitness regime has meant any tiny boob I had was long gone and I looked like a 12 yo boy. I went 330cc anatomicals, dual plane. Here is a before and after so u can see what he had to work with!
  13. Hey, I've never heard of Dr Perron so can't comment on his work. I am 13 days PO with Dr Miroshnik and have been totally happy with everything so far. I did lots of research and decided on Dr M as he seemed to be the boob king and does over 500 BAs a year. I figured if I was going to do this, I wanted the best, most experienced surgeon doing the job and felt that was worth the extra cost. Lots of people travel interstate to have their BAs with him. He does seem to favour dual plane anatomicals from what I've seen, but obviously you need to have a consultation with him to discuss what you want. I loved his work as I wanted that very natural look. Good luck with your research, happy surgeon hunting!
  14. Hey @emmalouise, just sent a FR so I can check out your scars. I get my dressings off next week (at the 3 week mark). Can't wait to have a squiz at my incisions to see how they are going! I think Dr M gives us some silicone tape to put on them for a while- are u using anything like that or just the bio oil?
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