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    170cm 57kgs was a deflated 12B now a lovely 8E/10DD.. :)

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  1. Hi Ozpixie, oh Dr Harwood is an AMAZING Doc, absolutely 100% happy I went with him, so I guess i just have to follow his advice and be patient hey.. No, no strenuous activities, but I am taking extra special care of the girls now I tell you, just dont want it to get worse at all.. I went and bought a couple new bras today as the only one i had was super uncomfortable so that cant be good I guess.. Yes definitely rest up while you can! thx for the FR.. accepted..xx
  2. hi gloria, i too had short distance from my nipple to crease (3cm i think it was) so Dr H lowered my crease. I knew also that there was a chance i could end up with double bubble.. im sure you will be fine.
  3. thanks JenJen, I will get some pics up asap.. i really really hope it does go away.. Im off to go and get some super supportive bras today, praying that they stop it from getting worse, if thats possible.. I got the go ahead this week from Dr H for bras but I only have one that is quite uncomfortable so Im thinking that cant be good for them either.. Oh i just wish I was at the end of the 'settling phase' now so I was in the all clear stage..
  4. Hello ladies, im almost 6 weeks post op.. and today i have noticed that both my boobs have quite a double bubble happening.. When I saw Dr H last week, we saw that there was a small one forming on my right breast but he told me it shouldnt get worse and will most likely disappear as my boobs settle.. Did anyone have this experience and did they go away as the breast 'fluffed'.. I am freaking out!! i LOVE my new boobs and am devastated that this may get worse and will have to have more surgery! Please please give me some advice! thanks girls.. hope you are all doing well..xx
  5. Howdy Ladies, havent been on here for a while, hope you are all doing well.. Im 26 days post op and just would like to know.. WHEN WERE YOU ABLE TO SLEEP ON YOUR SIDE?????? im dying to but just when i think im comfortable i get an ache and have to roll back to my back.. MORNING BACK PAIN??? Did you get it? It wakes me up at about 5 every morning and I just have to get up because the pain is that bad..once Im up and walking around it disappears.. Im assuming its because I sleep on my back and only my back still.. I guess I just would like to know if this is normal? Any advice please?? Thank you
  6. Im so glad you posted this thread as i was wondering the exact same thing.. im 3 1/2 weeks post op and im still feeling nigling of pains..thought that it would have been done by now.. and baaaaad back pain every morning along with the morning boob.. uuggh! Love my new boobs though
  7. Hi, I went with Dr H, go in knowing what cup size you are after, what shape and type of cleavage you would like, whether u want them to look natural, done or both.. Have photos off the net of the type you like.. He will then measure you, and offer some to try on and will show you in the mirror how they will look.. He's great, u will feel awesome when u are finished with ur consult! Xx
  8. I too suffer with anxiety and it was really hard the morning of my Ba because I had to wait until 1 for surgery.. My fears were the morning wait, and waking from anaesthetic.. Waking up from the twilight was a pleasant experience and my anxiety was gone the moment I saw and spoke to Dr Harwood that day.. He is such a warm, caring and professional Dr, I am so thankful I chose him..
  9. I'm 170cm 58kg and newly done.. 435s under muscle.. Send Fr if u like..
  10. I would go see a few different surgeons so you have lots of professional opinions, advice and options.. I wouldn't go back to the same surgeon who originally put them in.. Good luck love! Hope it is all sorted for you quickly and you are able to find the funds to pay for your next op.. Xx
  11. Haha nic, remember we are Dr Harwoods girls, you may get some of those with your dr.. I've read on here a few girls did go he with endone, guess depends on the Dr.. I was hoping for endone actually, I've heard it's fantastic for pain.. I found the digesic worked quickly and the mersyndol was quite good at relaxing things too..
  12. Hi Mrs B, I'm still bloated at 9 days, were you? It's quite uncomfortable?
  13. Hi nic, in our goodie bag we had antibiotics of course, sleeping tabs, mersyndol, Valium, digesic and anti nausea tabs..
  14. Good morning, I'm post op 9 days today and I'm still short of breath.. Normal I'm guessing since like you said everything needs to stretch.. My BEST advice for you is set that alarm and take your meds 4 hrly on the dot even if you think you don't need them.. My partner set his alarm and woke me for my tablets during the night.. I made the mistake a few times and only took 1 pain tablet coz the 'pain wasn't too bad' but within the 2 hrs the pain WAS worse so I would say take your full doses 4 hrly.. Those Valium are awesome for the tightness/muscle spasms, I made sure I had one with my morning meds because as you now have experienced - morning boob is a B**CH.. Rest up sweets! Xx
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