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  1. yep i feel this way too sometimes. i almost feel matronly they feel so big i like them most of the time but yeah completely unprepared for how many clothes now actually look crap rather than better.
  2. This is what I have I have big boobies. lol. but it depends what is big to you...and it depends what you start with and how tall you and all that
  3. um he does about 8-10 breast augmentations a week and is one of the best.... I had my BA with him. He is also known as the nose king. give MIPS a call.
  4. gosh. it really does look like the start of double bubble I hope it's not. x
  5. My first thought is cancel :/ and get another opinion from another surgeon.
  6. that's one of the spots for me too. also down the side near where the drain was, and side boob as well.
  7. From what I've googled it's normal but would like some anecdotal evidence
  8. So I am just over 12 weeks post op and still have several areas of my breasts and side that are still numb. Like completely numb. Normal? Not normal?
  9. New bikini. 9.5 weeks post op
  10. I use Fakebake. It's awesome
  11. I can certainly recommend andrew too and yes the surgery is upstairs
  12. MIPS is fabulous andrew did mine but I know of Damon and he does great boobs
  13. ^^ I agree with that. I wish mine was a week later than I had it but I had no choice unfortunately.
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