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    Dr Pongsatorn aka Dr Jib
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    160 cm 44kg Pre op A cup

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  1. Hi, I've just travelled for my second time through Restored Beauty Getaways. I've been really happy both times. The surgeons they use are absolutely amazing. I went the 2nd time as boobie greed set in 3 years down the track. I'm in Phuket at the moment and heading home tmrw. I've found them to always reply quickly and everything has gone smoothly each time.
  2. I just had revision surgery yesterday from 300 mod plus up to 500cc High profile. Won't get to see them til Saturday but I'll let you know how they look. im 160cm 50kg
  3. Any girls headed to Bangkok Hospital Phuket next week? I'm having revision breast surgery, going larger.
  4. Hi, Im not sure why I didn't see this reply. Thank you for your response. How did everything turn out for you? All good I hope? Im going next week for my revision. Also, who was your surgeon?
  5. Hi, I had a BA in Thailand with Dr Jib 2 years ago. 300cc mod plus, transaxillary (armpit incision) The results are fantastic but boobie greed has set in. I am organising to go back to revise to larger implants. Dr Jib is happy to do this through the armpit again. I was just wondering if there is anyone on here who has had a revision through the armpit? Thanks!
  6. I have just come back from having mine done. I was advised by my agency that I had to get one. So I purchased one here. After my surgery though my doctor said he didn't like that much compression and I had to go and buy a sports bra from the local shopping centre. Other girls I met though did wear theirs. Other girls only used sports bras. All doctors have different preferences so its worth asking what your surgeon prefers
  7. Hi I had my BA in Phuket on Tuesday. I travelled on my own and also stated the one night at the hospital. I've just been taking it easy and haven't had any real problems post op. I ate at the hotel the first day out but have ventured out everyday since. I met a couple of girls who were also having BA and have had a few quick chats to them which has been great. This was my first time overseas so I was really scared but it has been great so far.
  8. So exciting for you Considering247. I know how the nerves feel. They are super thorough at the hospital. Something came up on my pre testing so they got me to see a cardiologist to be cleared for surgery. They really take no unnecessary risks. Dr jib is great a real perfectionist. I met two girls who had the crease incision with him (I had armpit) and they have said their incision line is so neat better than they had seen. If you have any questions at all I'm happy to answer anything
  9. Shannon, I'm 3 days out from endoscopic armpit Breast augmentation with Dr Jib. I also went with RBG but haven't had any need to contact then since I've been here. I came on my own and it has been a pleasant experience and I have met girls at the hospital and my hotel that have also has surgery. Scarring was a concern for me too as I get hypertrophic scarring, not as bad as keloid but still raised and unpleasant. Dr jib thought the armpit was the best placement for this reason. It's too early to tell just yet but ill let you know who the scars turn out.
  10. My surgery has been great. 3 days after endoscopic, no bruising, minimal swelling and they look amazing. Better than I could have imagined. I'm pretty much back to normal just shouldn't lift my arms over my head for another week to let the incision fully heal. I am so glad I went with the armpit incision. Dr jib said as I had no sag or unevenness that I was a good candidate for it. I had 300cc but I met a girl who had 375 I think the same way with Dr witoon and she looked great and was thrilled too.
  11. I just had endoscopic breast augmentation yesterday with Dr Jib. Everything has gone pretty well so far. Pain under control and ill be leaving for my hotel room soon. He also advises of I want to go bigger later or change anything then usually they can go back in through the armpit.
  12. I am having surgery with Dr Jib tmrw so ill let you know how it all goes. Jordan24 I tried to pm you but your inbox is full so I'll update you after it's all done. Fingers crossed!
  13. Mary martini, I have similar stats to you and am having a BA with Dr Jib on Tuesday. I am thinking in the range of 250 to 275 mod plus. I was just wondering how you find the size. Being petite I don't want to look top heavy. Hope you don't mind me asking but it is hard to find people who have the under 300cc's. Thanks
  14. Im just a newbie on here. Countdown is on just two weeks to go. BA with Dr Jib on 30/10/12. I was just wondering if anyone has any advice or things they wish they had known before they went? I am travelling alone so any advice would be greatly appreciated. Starting to get a little nervous now.
  15. I'm new on here and just want to say thanks to everyone for sharing their stories. It's been a godsend for me. I'm heading to Phuket for surgery with Dr Jib on the 30th October. I'm going on my own so super nervous but everyone's stories and experiences have been so helpful.
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