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    breast augmentation
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    Dr Pongsatorn aka Dr Jib
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    160 cm 44kg Pre op A cup

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  1. So I got to the hospital at 8:00am. They pick you up. I filled in paperwork and it was straight into blood tests, a chest X-ray and and EKG. If everything is okay from there you then see the surgeon. I asked a million questions and I wasn't rushed but it was pretty quick because he answered all my questions well. He then drew on me ready for surgery. I was walked to my room put a gown on and walked straight into theatre and them I woke up in recovery. You stay in their gown overnight as you have drains in and the nurses help you to the bathroom. I changed into casual clothes, shorts and tshirt the next day when I was being released. I have had one post op appt so far and have another on Tuesday. You can't shower until after that first follow up when they check your incision and place a waterproof solution over it. All stitches are internal and dissolvable so nothing to remove. Happy to answer anything else too :)

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