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  1. Fantastic results for a 285 inplant ?? i never got fluffing only dropping ?
  2. It had been mentioned ages ago in another thread, they rebranded it so it included cosmetic as not every journey is plastic surgery related i think something along those lines ?
  3. Looks distorted shape, roated anatomical or cc ????
  4. Bras and things have great quality underwire free bras which i grabbed some and they offer great support and so comfortable, also got from kmart the underwire free pull on crop tops, they don't offer any support but are good for when just around home when your skin is driving you crazy lol
  5. Obviously to late to comment on size but how did you go ??
  6. Love to hear what you think, because its a structure bond builder they don't sometimes feel as silky verses a treatment that adds silicones etc heathly hair soon ??
  7. A few months of olaplex before and after
  8. Yes @LaurenT thats the one, if you found a hairdresser that used 1 and 2 first then 3 is greater but you don't need to as it can be used on its own ? once a week with number 3 and leave on from its recommended time to as long as you can, i did around 4 hrs or more when i could.
  9. Olaplex it turned my hair from breaking off to normal
  10. Both are equally as skilled, Dr Richardson is more popular for implants but both would give a great result, i would meet with both and see who you feel more comfortable with, normally do minimum 3 consults before deciding
  11. Ah great thank you i follow them on fb ? love there work just getting skin needling first and then its brow time
  12. Brissie girl here who did you use they look amazing !!
  13. They didn't actually feel comfortable or sit correctly until around 16 weeks on me, going from a A cup to a e/f the underwire was huge and bruised and drove me crazy, so even tho at 6 weeks i bought heaps most didn't end up being suitable and got sold on ebay ?
  14. I use to use the aldi one but my hair got fried so needed to up the treatment, the aldi one is made by this this company, aldi obsessed ?? Top pic manufacturer and bottom pic aldi
  15. Great thanks ill go and check them out ?
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