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    Would like to plump up my small d boobs, after breastfeeding 2 babies. Would like the most natural shape possible so am looking at 220 brazilians, teardrop, under muscle, low profile.

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  1. I would love this too. I"m booked in for 14th November and so nervous!!!
  2. Hello!! I'd love to hear from anyone who's had muscle repair done and how recovery was? what sort of girdle did you buy? Has anyone had a TT with Graeme Southwick? He did my breasts 6 years ago which is why i'm going back to him - I find his manner great and so experienced. But I did see Rubenstein for a consultation too. Would love to connect to anyone in same boat! Kit xxx
  3. I'm getting Inspira Smooth Soft Touch Round 270cc (original ferries were 220 which gave me a 10D). Anyone had any experience with these?
  4. why were the Cereform implants banned? and what is Eurosilicone! 40% chance is high - how nerve racking.
  5. I've posted about this before - but I've finally booked in to have my CC fixed. I had furry brazilians put in 3 years ago by Graeme Southwark. The right one went CC and I had it swapped for another furry brazilian - same size. CC has returned again in right breast - so now I am swapping both for smooth rounds. I'm freaking out. What are the chances of it coming back a third time and what are the chances of it appearing in the left breast too? Also, my skin has probably become a little softer - would you go a little larger if you were swapping implants? I have teardrop 220 at the moment. Would love to hear anyone's experiences. Thank you!!!
  6. My left side is actually unbelievably soft - you would never know not real. But I don't like how they are stuck to my chest - not able to move around and get much cleavage or change shape. I'm super nervous. i chose these implants because i wanted a tear drop completely natural shape, now I'm getting silicone rounds, and I only hope I don't get CC again...
  7. HI everyone, I am here for some advice. Three years ago I had furry brazilians put in - and one breast became rock hard and I replaced the one with another furry brazilain. Its happened again! Same breast. so we are swapping both furry teardrop implants for round smooth silicon (Inspira Smooth soft-touch). Has this happened to anyone else? I would love to hear from anyone and hear if smooth worked better (or worse). Thanks so much. On the plus side I"m excited about a new fresher shape and more "move-able" boobs!!! Kit xxx
  8. I had my boobs done with him and love him, but haven't heard much about him on tummys... Anyone have any advice to give? I'm hoping to book in in april, cannot wait. I've got muscle sep from babies, have worked so hard to get a flat stomach but nothing worked, so am heading back to the theatre!!!!!
  9. Hi guys, im hoping you can help me! ive had two babies, and am suffering from separated abs. My surgeon says he can fix that, and we are talking about it next week. But being the impatient person that I am, I would love some info before then! i don't need lipo or have excess skin, I just have a stomach which won't go flat. I'm fit, toned all over and healthy, and just need the muscles to be brought together again. whats the operation I'm after? And have any of you been in a similar situation? I'd love to know costs and recovery involved. I'd be doing it with southwick, who did my boobs a few months ago. thanks in advance!!! Kit.
  10. Did I do something wrong or offend? I thought I'd have more than one reply!
  11. I had 220 anatomical brazilians in two weeks ago, very happy !!
  12. Wow, cant believe it's been two week. So, I went wi southwick and cannot rate him highly enough. His manner, time spent with me, staff and nurses, and finally, the surgery. Went off without a hitch, and I was driving (naughty) after 2 days. So happy with my results. The swelling was there but most of it has gone down now, And the photos I've just posted are exactly two weeks post surgery. I'm a perfect full 10D, and modestly I'm so happy with the results, I feel like they look really natural and will only get better with time. So happy with the size I chose, shape, everything. If anyone has any questions about brazilians, or southwick, happy to answer! It's been a really good experience for me, although I was very very nervous about my decision before surgery. Thank you so much for answering all my questions leading up to the big day, this forum rocks!!!! Kit. X
  13. Cannot believe it, but my BA is tomorrow. Super nervous and excited! Question: Is there any supplements I can take to help speek up recovery/ diminish bruising etc etc?
  14. That's awesome, what a great story! I'm doing Brazilians too, just befriended you, if that's ok!! I notice on your signature you wrote extra soft curries. What brand offers extra soft?
  15. Thank you Jess and Andy!! Andy I've asked to fr you! How's this, southwick just called me, at 9pm at night to return my call about my concerns. Looked through all stats, discussed all of it patiently, then after we hung up he called back to say he'd looked at my info again and the implants chosen and that he'd have three options on the day! Talk about good service!!!
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